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With the objective of enhancing the mind share of Birla White Wall Care putty, we started our primary research in assessing the perception of consumers. It was done through direct interviews with consumers, with the putty sellers (hardware store owners) and with painters. To our surprise, putty sellers and painters also gave us crucial insight into the perceptions of the end consumers. We designed different questionnaire for consumers, painters and sellers and took samples from demographically different consumer segments like Balaghat (District in M.P), Kotputli (town in Rajasthan), Panchkula (district in Haryana) & Gurgaon and found out a trend in the perception of consumers, which has been presented in the form of 4 different consumer profiles. When we analyzed the different consumer profiles, and responses of painters and putty sellers, we felt the need of awareness for consumers, involvement for painters, and incentives for sellers. We then designed a comprehensive Brand Awareness Strategy to achieve the above objective of consumer awareness, painter involvement and seller motivation and thus ultimately increasing Brand Awareness and enhancing the Brand Recall.

Brand Awareness through consumer Involvement: This strategy aims at indirect involvement of consumers by ‘Wall Painting Competition in schools for kids’ and direct involvement by leveraging Birla White WallCare’s strong online presence. Brand Awareness through Painter Involvement: This strategy aims at targeting the influencers to acquire their loyalty. It included a certification program, incentives for painters, and organizing painter meets. The certification program aware painters with technical composition and correct application techniques of putty. Incentives would make them influence the end customer to buy Birla WallCare Putty and thus making painters brand endorsers. Brand Awareness through Low Cost Advertising and Brand Recall: This strategy aims at enhancing the Brand Recall through employing low cost advertising like Gate sign boards with a slogan, Brochure at Hardware stores, Pamphlets in local news daily. The samples of the idea and the financials have been presented in the presentation.

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