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During the past decade or so, people have been made more aware of the effects of flying, basically what it does to the environment when you use your car, TV computers etc. As a result, the public have demanded, along with the government, that we rapidly cut down the emissions that are provided by the airports in a bid to save the Earth. The government introduced a new set of

set of rules and regulations that every business has o abide by, and there are in place no only to help the businesses help the World, but to make sure that waste is not the irrelevantly dumped and ignored. As time goes on, the public are becoming more and more aware of the effects of Global Climate Change, and understand what will be of the planet over the next few decades. As a proof, over the last 5 years of so, recycling has increased dramatically, compared to what is has been, and there have been numerous protests about animal testing, which although a different matter, proves the fact that the public are indeed become more aware of the effects of the climate change and what they can do about it personally.

Businesses are always trying to make it look like they are supporting the environment, and they will usually include references to something like, “we only use environmentally friendly fuel to power our businesses” to it places trust within them to the customers so they believe if they purchase their products from, in turn, they, in a small way, will be helping the environment. I will now explain how BIA deals will all of the environmental constraints.

AS you may expect, noise pollution is at the top of the list of environment haters. This is because of the thousands of planes they fly in an out of BIA, where each plane can make around 150 decibels of noise each, so repetition of this would eventually drive you to insanity, and the residents in the vicinity of the airport will have to listen to this day in day out, so when a strike takes place they must surely be happy! No wildlife would be able to sustain that type of long term damage, so BIA has really made its make in removing all that was good there.

Also the airport would have negative effect on the house prices on a the area (positive for those who are near but don’t get as much noise pollution), because nobody will want to move form the outside in have to bare that noise pollution too, as there are no positive effects of listening to it. Because of this, the “International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)”, a special United Nations organisation created a set of standards in 1971, restricting noise emissions from civil aircrafts. According to the “ICAO Annex chapter 3”, the noise levels in public airports to roughly 95 “EPNdB”. The “EPNdB” a sound unit that takes into consideration the volume and how long the sound is being emitted. This is a typical issue within airports and there are a variety of ways to deal with it.

BIA states that they are committed to, extracted from their website:

* Monitoring the noise and track keeping of aircraft

* Penalising airlines that infringe our day and night noise violation levels

* Restricting the number of operations during the night period

* Implementing Noise Preferential Routes for departing aircraft

* Prohibiting Engine Ground Running during the night period

In addition to this, the Airport Company has a large number of policies in line with the requirements of “Section 106 Planning Agreement with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council”. BIA themselves have also made a “Sound Insulation Scheme” to try to help residence cope with the noise that is created by overhead aircrafts. You can’t please everyone, so if someone does want to complain, BIA has allowed many methods of communication. For example, they may opt to phone BIA’s Environmental Helpline, or send the complaint via e-mail. Once the complain is received, it will be logged and dealt with, using a full investigation (Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring System) which will make sure that nothing is left uncovered. In the end, BIA will act according to what the results of the investigation have said, and they will respond to the person(s) who made the complaint.

BIA is currently developing at such a rapid rate, along with the 9 million passengers that fly through their doors each year, they have secured of 10,000 jobs within their company. This type of fortune has netted them a total of 140 MILLION points (net), so they do have to care for their environment. Despite this, depending on that inflation rates are like, will most likely weight how much BIA is willing to help the environment. For example if there is a low inflation rate, BIA may be tempted to help the environment more, and if there is a high interest rate, they may have to be more careful on where they spend their money.

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