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Black Book is a quarterly magazine that is published in New York at the cost of $4.00. Its main aim is to inform its readers of ‘progressive culture’. This copy of Black Book is the spring 2002 issue.

When I first heard Black Book I originally thought of an A5 hardback diary, something private and personal. I thought of it as being secretive and a special possession to somebody. I also thought that maybe it could be old and dusty. I thought that the book would have just writing in it, no illustrations, easy tear out pages and red margins on the left side of each page. On the other hand, it could be an old spells book that witches do to make magic. Or it could be an old spooky book that could scare the pants off of you. I defiantly think that a black book would be old.

My initial reaction when I first saw the cover to Black Book was that it is striking, bold and loud, like it is in your face as there are words all over the cover that stand out a lot. I was drawn to look at the girl as her eyes are as if she is looking to you for attention. It’s kind of scary and is defiantly messy, not professional. I thought the target audience was teenage girls aged around 14 to 18. I also thought that the target audience could be for Goths. I thought this because the cover has bold striking words and a gothic look to it that would appeal to these kinds of people. Also I thought this because the cover looks rebellious and people rebel most in their teenage years.

When I looked into detail at the cover to Black Book about the articles, I slightly changed my mind of the target audience. I decided that older teenagers of about 16 to 19 are the audience, girls and boys. I thought this because the articles in Black Book would interest older people and boys would be interested too.

The article “sea, sex and sun” seems to be about travel, holiday and writing, which could interest either gender. Anthony Bourdain, who is a cutting edge chef from New York, likes to travel and experiment with food and different tastes which makes him individual. This would interest this age group as they are experimental too and could be inspired by his individuality.

Next, the interview with Natalie Portman who is a highly paid ‘A’ list actress would interest the audience as they would probably be interested in reading about her as she could be an inspiration to them, I think that the audience could also be interested in Natalie Portman because she is individual and inspirational and they could look up to her because of that.

Both this article and the interview are sophisticated, individual and intelligent which I think would apply to older teenagers as they are most like that.

I think that the audience for Black Book is drop-outs, rebels and innovators. These people are people who do not want to get committed in any way, people who want to fit in with their idea of how it should be and people who want to make a mark on the world. I think that drop-outs would be interested in Black Book because they can read it without being committed to anything. I think that rebels would be interested in Black Book because they could be inspired by the articles which could make them want to fit in. And I think that innovators would be interested in Black Book because they can read it and be inspired to make their mark on the world. Also I know that these people would read this magazine because they are the type of people that would want to be on the cover of Black Book and inside the magazine, probably even have an article about them.

Next, the image is an illustration of Natalie Portman. She looks rebellious due to the way she is dressed. She is wearing a small frilly top that appears to be a striking piece of clothing. Also, the expression on her face comes across as rebellious as her eyes are looking right at you like she wants attention. It looks like she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. The shadow across her face adds to the rebellious look as it makes her eyes look darker. Around the illustration of Natalie Portman, there are quite a few words. The words ‘deep’, ‘sly’ and ‘crafty’ stand out the most as they are big, colourful and bold. I was drawn to look at these words as they all have meaning too. I think these words would appeal to rebellious deep people. So I think older teenagers would be interested in the image as people are most rebellious in their teenage years and I think they would look up to Natalie Portman from this picture as she seems to know what she wants and how to get it.

So overall, I think that the target audience for Black Book is females and males aged 16 and above whom are drop-outs, rebels or innovators as they are generally individuals.

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