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Blackboard Collaborate Launcher Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

In the fourth session of the Blackboard Collaborate, the discussion was made regarding the three books that have been read this semester and the exam questions related to these books. The books were O Pioneers by Willa Cather, ELEANOR AND HICK by Susan Quinn, and The Circle by Dave Eggers. The questions regarding the themes and the underlying elements in these books were discussed in the session.

Moreover, the answer that was required for each exam question was explained. The exam was explained in detail to the students. For instance, the exam would comprise of 10 questions and each answer needed a direct quote. The answer must consist of 10-12 sentences and the test must not be taken on mobile phones. Some questions were discussed and the students responded to the questions.

The first question discussed was why does Alexandra decide to forgive Frank Shabata for the Emil’s and Marie’s murders? How does Alexandra’s forgiveness exemplify feminism? The students gave different responses that reflected the students’ understanding of the question. For instance, the women are compassionate by nature and they are nurturers. The second question was regarding the prejudiced actions of Eleanor Roosevelt that made the readers that is the students uncomfortable. One student responded that the Negro plight

comedic satire made her uncomfortable. However, the session largely discussed the elements of

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the third book that is The Circle and hoe the book and the movie completely different from each other. The ending of the book was completely different from the ending of the movie. Mae was a complex character in the book. She wanted power; she destroyed Kalden, her family, and Mercer while staying transparent and she did not care about her friend Annie.

While in the movie, Mae was presented as an innocent young girl who destroyed the circle. The fish tank thing was included in the movie and some of the students thought that the ending was altered because the people might not handle such a dark movie. The movie was even less sci-fi. The Circle is a book that explained how the governments and the rulers are crushing people.

The style and attitude of the narrator were also discussed in the session whether the narrators in the three books are objective or biased. The author in Eleanor and Hick was just making reports and was objective. The narrator in The Circle was 3rd person omniscient. The narrator in The Circle made commentary in a biased tone and was not neutral. The tone of the narrator was annoying at times, sarcastic, and dramatic in The Circle. Lastly, the symbol in the book The Circle was also discussed. The tank in the book symbolized the circle and the shark is every one that works in the circle and feeds on the smaller fish.

It was also discussed that who among the four women is the most liberated from the constraints of her era and according to the responses made by the students, Alexandra and Eleanor were the most liberated women. Finally, it was discussed how the students can use direct quotes in their answers. The students were worried as to how they can find quotes online and only one student had an audiobook, so the professor made amendments in the rule and asked the students to provide paraphrase instead of direct quote.

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