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Blood Bank Management System Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Blood banks collect, store, and provide blood. Typically, these banks collect blood from voluntary blood donors. The banks then sort blood by type, check blood to make sure it is free of disease and then store it for future use. The main mission of a blood bank is to provide life-saving blood to hospitals and other health care facilities. Blood cannot be created by any means, it can only be collected from the Humans i.e. donors. Recruitment of safe donors and monitoring the standards is a challenging task. No Blood Bank, Hospital or Government can sustain health care without adequate blood. The major concern of Blood Bank is to maintain the Quality of Blood as well as to identify the Professional Donors. NACO (National AIDS Control Organization) and NABH (National Accreditation Board for hospitals and Healthcare Providers) provides standards to ensure the quality of Blood and identify the Professional Donors. But monitoring the standards and identifing the Professional donors manually is a challenging job. The software available in market is useful to cater the day to day functioning of Blood Bank but cannot enforce the standards.

Bio Metric devices are also available to detect the professional donors but not available in an integrated form with application. Quality Checks are available but these checks are not conducted on routine basis and also not on all bags. To overcome these issues we designed and implemented standard enforcing mechanism in each process of Blood Bank Management System and also integrated Bio Metrics with Donor Registration Process to identify the Professional Donors. This not only covers the day to day working in blood Bank but also ensures implementation of

the Blood Bank Standards. A blood bank is a bank of blood or blood components, gathered as a result

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of blood donation, stored and preserved for later use in blood transfusion..to satisfy blood necessity, to buy, sale and stock the blood, to give information about this blood. Manual systems as compared to Computer Based Systems are time consuming, laborious, and costly. This study shows the comparison of various existing system and provide some more idea for improve the existing system.First I will give some basic introduction about blood banks then I will try to provide comparative study of some existing computer based blood bank system. After that I will introduce some new idea for improving the existing techniques used in computer based blood bank system and at endI will conclude this project.

3. Objective of blood bank management system
Blood bank management system is a blood banking software for complete automation of blood donation and distribution. The project “Blood Bank Management System” is aimed to develop to maintain the day-to-day record of collected blood, voluntary blood donors, providation of blood in hospital and other health care facilities. The main objective of this application is to automate the complete operations of the blood bank. They need maintain hundreds of thousands of records. Also searching should be very faster so they can find required details instantly. There are following main objectives of the Hospital:

* To maintain all transaction report of blood.
* Maintain all deposite of blood.
* Maintain all withdraw of blood.
* Keeping records of voluntary blood donors.
* Keeping check blood to make sure it is free of disease.
* Keeping records of provided blood in which hospital and helth care facilities in which quantity
* Keeping the records of salary structure of the employees of blood bank by billing approach.
* Scheduling the blood by group
* To keep all details of donors for future use
* Provide hard copy output of reports.

The main objectives of this project are to assist a Bank user and donor. * This project maintains the new account. The details are name, Father’s name, Date of birth, Address, State, Pin, Sex, Age, Weight, Type of blood, Last donation of blood time, Type of donor. * Maintain old blood donor and if any correction required, update the data, close account and any other information. * After transaction of blood (withdraw or deposit )of particular data of person should be updated. * Report Generation of donor wise Report should be shown of all information of a particular donor. * Report Generation-all information should be shown of all donors. * Report Generation-all transaction information should be shown of a particular donor. * Report Generation of particular donor should be shown starting date and ending date.

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