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Blood Brothers – Development Phase Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

I was given Act one where Mrs Johnstone is upset and depressed, as things have not worked out the way that she had planned.

Mrs Johnstone was expecting a baby whereas she has just found out that she is expecting twins; as Mrs Johnstone is not rich an has a few more children she knows she will not be able to afford to keep the both of them.

Mrs Johnstone confides in Mrs Lyons her boss, as Mrs Lyons has no children and desperately desires them she tells Mrs Johnstone to give one to her.

Mrs. Lyons, unable to have children, expresses her need for a baby, and has an idea of which she cons Mrs. Johnstone into thinking is a good one. She wants one of the babies. She promises that Mrs. Johnstone will be able to see her baby anytime. Her husband (Mr. Lyons, husband who has been away for nine months) will believe the baby is truly hers.

In the lessons we spent a couple of days in which we looked at the different expressions we could use to develop our characters further.

The types of expressions w

e developed were body language and use of voice. In this scene I

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acted as Mrs. Johnstone I decided to focus on my usage of body language I tried to become distress and upset as how I thought the real Mrs. Johnstone may have acted. I used also aimed to change the tone of my voice by making it more softer and less controlling.

One of the drama lessons we had a big impact on the way that my scene was performed. This was because we acted our scenes in silence, without any words.

This changed our work as we could just concentrate on the acting putting more enthusiasm and dedication into the piece.

Building a dramatic climax into a scene was another task we also spent a lesson looking on.

The point in which we decided to build in a dramatic climax is on the coming line

Mrs Lyons: Give one to me.

Usually this was said in surprise but we changed it into greed and want instead of asking kindly.

By giving a characterized expressive action into the scene a moment of great intensity may be added to the performance.

My characters main motive in the scene is just to express her feelings and emotions; she acts as if she just wanted to speak to someone to explain what is going on in her life.

Although I play the character differently compared to the actress Linda Nolan who is currently playing Mrs Johnstone now.

I tried to make the character more of my own the way I may have expected her to be; the reason I decided to play Mrs. Johnstone as a depressed, sad, lonely woman.

As this is how I believe she would have been if she really had existed.

I believe that a script is evaluated by the way that a script is written, so characters may be performed several different ways.

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