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Bloomberg Core Exam Essay Sample

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Bloomberg Core Exam Essay Sample

Where can u get help if you have questins about using ghe apiAlll of the above. Where can you find a guide on bloomberg to using the apiAll of the above If one were to pull historical end of day prices for ibm us equity vod ln equity and bmw gr equity all fo the prices would be dominated in three dif currencyies is there a way to make sure all of the data is in usd and if so how can one do this? Real-time/ historical wizard>historical end of day>step 4 of 6 Where can one pull curves for usd curncy with the ability to override info such as the curve date before dragging the data into an excel sheet Data nevitationWhat tool can I use to find a list of the earches or alerts that I have saved using  the logic that bloomberg uses to organize our functionality is that of a menu driven system where functions are located on menus such as the yellow market sector menus on the keyboard. True If you do not see the tools to the right of the refresh button this is because? You have a bloomberg professional login but not a bloomberg anywhere Bloomberg data can be downloaded via api and or viewed on machine that do not have bloomberg installed False

If one knows the ticker for an equity, the syntax would be
Security ticker
What is the lowest tick size that you can selcect in the historical introday bars wizard1 minute what function on bloomberg provides a list of the primary menus that organize the data and functions on bloombergmain<GO> which of the realtime historical wizards would one use to mimic the data found by typing {ibm us equity or <go>} on the bloomberg application. Historical intraday ticks.

You have the ability to dynamically pull in an EQS equity screen using the bloomberg excel tools True
Which key will allow you to go back from a functoin and see related functionalityMenu Which bllomberg excel tool would you select to get the bulk data for a given security Either option 1 or 3
Realtime-historical wizard…..data sets
Data nevigatinWhat is the easier way using the bloomberg excel tools to get a comapamuy summary such as overview or company description, by simply entering a ticker selecting which data to drag into an excel sheet. Data nevitationIf one wanted to replicated the bollinger bands study in xecel for ibm us equity fouwhich excel tools would you use Technical anlysis wizard

In order to start launchppad, which command do I use on bloomberg BLP(go)
Whwre can I find cheatsheets on bloombergAll of the abolveTo find earnings estimates for com[anies historically and also be albe to specify the period that is being estimated the tool to use is Financials/estimates wizard/earnings estimates.

Using the realtime/historical wizard>real-time/current, you r trying to pull the real-time volume for goo us equity. On step 2 of 3 you search volume. You see two field mnemonics appear: PX_volume and volume how can you tell which one is the real time field? Step 2 of 3 shows a real-time indicator with red and green arrow icons. Is it possible using the bloomberg excel tools to see real-time for securities that rade intra-day? Yes

Is there any tool that allows you to earch for prebuild excel sheets that contain bloomberg data/anaytics? 1 & 3 only template libraty XLTP<GO>
BDP stands for
Bloomberg data point
Launchpad allows a use to customize their desktop with any security that has a ticker on bloombergTrue Which bloomberg excel tool, within the real-time/historical wizard would you select to download historical weekly data on a rolling basis of a security Historical end of day

How does one access the bloomberg help desk for any questions one may have regarding bloomberg 24 housrs a day 7 days a week Help helpTo get a user guide while on a functoin such as most<go> one would hit which key Help

In {n <GO>} you have the ability customize the scren to sidplay market moving news for selected to[c iThe story is a bloomberg exclusive story How
can one look up the ticker for microsoftAnswer 1&3, microsoft<help> 10<go> from this menu Typing microsoft in command line of autocomplete is enalbed.

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