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Blue Moon Article Essay Sample

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Blue Moon Article Essay Sample

All of us are familiar with the quotation “Once in a blue moon” which mean it only occurs once. But how come they call it a blue moon but practically speaking it is not blue? I have read an article that i can share to give info why did astronomers called it as blue moon?

Astronomers and other experts said that there will be a chance of having a blue moon in a year if there are two full moons in one month, meaning if the first full moon happened on the second week, then another on the fourth week, the full moon that will appear on the fourth week will be called a BLUE MOON. And it is said that it has a greater chance of having a blue moon if the second full moon happened in the last day of month and the first full moon happened on the first day of the month.

There are 2 origin where the blue moon came from, based from my studies, first at the early times they consider a blue moon if there are 4 full moons in a year instead of having 3. the third full moon is what they called blue moon, but many people was confused of this event so they did not consider it as a fact. The second origin was from a kind of ancient calendar, in this story they only consider 12 full moons in a year but sometimes there are 13 full moons, The full moons on this calendar were important markers for determining curtain dates such as Easter. When a 13th Full moon was thrown into the year it made things messy so the experts try giving it a name that allowed the calendar to stay on track.

Are blue moon’s really blue? actually, No, because there are no such thing as “blue” moon, this only happens because of some mysterious events in the sky when blue moon appears some says that gasses in the sky are mixed that create an amazing color that when human’s naked eyes can see it is like color blue.

When will be the next blue moon? It is written on the blue moon calendar that the next blue moon will occur on the 15th of July of year 2015.

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