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In the book “The Giver” Jonas has realized that living in his Utopian society has been all dandy until he learned what really goes on. He has had to live with out feelings and emotions for all his life. Jonas’s decisions may have affected the community but what he did what was right. Him leaving was the right thing to do. The decisions and emotions that Jonas and the other characters had during the book I chose a detail to go along with the emotion to match with the archetypal step.

The first important step on Jonas’s journey as a hero is his call to adventure. Jonas is called to the Ceremony of 12 to receive his task. When he is skipped over he thinks that he has done something wrong over the years while he has been observed. But then he learns that he has been called to be the Receiver. This is a rather important position that Jonas has been called to take on in memory. Being the Receiver lets you experience memories and moments that the society he is living in doesn’t get to see. The Giver is the one who is going to teach Jonas and show Jonas these moments. I chose to analyze Jonas’s call to adventure in the first frame of my graphic novel to designate its position as the first step on Jonas’s journey as a hero. In addition I dappled most of the frame in black and white and speckled some color in some areas to show how Jonas started to see color at flash.

The second important step I chose on Jonas’s journey was the beginning of his adventure. After Jonas receives his task he meets The Giver who he will be spending quite the time with. The Giver will be the one to share the memories and moments with him. He will show Jonas feelings that he will never forget. At first he is curious and nervous to meet The Giver but then he later learns that he can do things that the average person can’t do. I chose this to go with the beginning of his adventure because this is when he is first introduced to who will be helping him conquer his adventure being the Receiver. In this frame I did a close up in The Givers face to show the importance of the fact that Jonas will be spending a lot of time with him and will be seeing him often.

The last important step I chose to analyze in Jonas’s journey was the ultimate boon. Finally Jonas has overcome his challenge to get to the new land. After Jonas has gone through the trials of training he is now encountered with the new territory. This period goes under the ultimate boon because Jonas has accomplished all his trials of being The Receiver at this point. Here in my graphic novel I colored very brightly and I drew Gabe and Jonas looking at the new area to show that they have finally arrived.

For each artistic decision I made I thought about how it would connect to the characters and the archetypal step. All of the decisions I made are associated to the emotions of what Jonas and the other characters were feeling. The significant moments in “The Giver” I chose to study all have a detail that I linked to the archetypal step. Since the book does not have much color most of my graphic novel is lightly shaded except for when Jonas is experiencing the Givers memories. In the book I chose three archetypal steps to evaluate on and those steps have an important part in the book.

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