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Introduction of TOPIC

The boy in the striped pyjamas
Bruno: This boy is the son of a Nazi who becomes the director of Auschwitz. Bruno is one of the two boys by the fence and the one where everything in the book goes about. Shmuel: The other of the two boys by the fence. This Jewish boy is locked in Auschwitz and becomes a good friend of Bruno. Gretel: The older sister of Bruno who thinks she is amazing. Father: The father of Bruno, who’s job is the reason that the moved to ‘Out-With’. Mother: The mother of Bruno

The nine-year-old Bruno moved with his parents and his sister Gretel from Berlin to Poland, to a mysterious place called Out-With. They move because Bruno’s father got promotion, but Bruno hates it because of all of the things he misses. Father says the he should absolutely not be disturbed during his work, and there are often soldiers walking around their house. When Bruno sits in his bedroom, he can see a large area where a lot of people in striped p

ajamas walk around. When Bruno starts to walk around the garden,

he discovers a fence that separates their garden from the field with the people in striped pajamas. Close to the fence, he sees a little boy. They start talking to each other, and so he discovers that the boys is called Shmuel. After a while, they get good friends and talk a lot. Later, the sister discovered that their new home is not called Out-With, but Auschwitz, and meanwhile their mother is not so happy in the new house anymore. There by, the father decides that the mother and the kids have to go back to Berlin, and when Bruno told that to Shmuel, they decide that Bruno must come on the other side of the fence. When Bruno wants to home, they are all brought to a building, and got gassed…

Even though this book is about the Holocaust, it absolutely is not boring. While reading this book you learn a couple of things about it, and you almost feel how Bruno must had felt. Yet, there is a persistent, deliberate sense of censorship that haunts the narrative and stops us from truly experiencing the horrors of the concentration camp. The things in the book are sometimes told very clearly told and sometimes there are only raised new questions. This makes it exciting, yet clear. One of them is whether it is possible that a nine years old child in those circumstances really is so naïve. Although the book was originally written as a children’s book, it is still nice to read if you equally are grown out of the children’s books. The book reads smoothly and easily and it is almost inevitable that you will soon fascinated and touched. Without any doubt a remarkable book.

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