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Boston Lyric Opera Essay Sample

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Boston Lyric Opera Essay Sample

Depended on digh donations from board members

Opera is very expensive to produce
Founded in 1976

Mission statement BLO

BLO has 46 doard of directors and 51 board of overseers

1998 expanded moved theatre. From 890 -> 1500 seats

BLO is the fastest growning firm

BLO challenges:
More subcribers to doners
Attact more funding
Contemplate a 2200 seat facility
Participants of the BSC process
Janice (general director, driving force)
Sue (introduced the BSC to BLO)
Ellen (highly experienced with BSC in NPO
Ken (want a more formal planning process)

Strategic Themes at BLO
Customer perspective
Develop loyal and generous individuals (Try to target donors, enhance involvment)

Build the BLO reputation internationally (Launch unique program with best talent, diversity, set of standard)

Reach the boston area community ( Build community support,


Benefits of BSC: Get people enhanced, make top position say no to initiatives because not correlates to the BSC Challenges: Some people don’t like the BSC (especially older), nobody want to be control, some critics are that the opera will loss its soul, loss creativity Other disadvantage on BSC: Have to communicate to employees, it them enhanced etc. Maybe the put it in the back of the room, not maintained

Are people empowered? Younger ones are, not older. Overall empowers them

Q5. Interactive approach
Key of development of BSC
Involvement of the top management

Group work
Measures in NPO

Higher number of consumers, children helped, etc.

NPO measures can be quantified, fx. Customer satisfaction, Indeks over doners/ (change in donors/donors) +

Initiatives (how to reach target though methods)
Actions/initiatives to reach a higher target (code of conduct, events etc. )

Target is unique performance, -> Define what is unique performance

Group 3
Launch a unique comprehensive residency program that would attract the best young talent From singers, conductors, diretors, administrators

1. How to measure talent: Get expert on a
2. Make a survey on the talented people already in the company
3. Use the info. From survey to what talent is
4. Communicate to the creative/music schools to find talent, make surveys in the schools (do people know BLO etc) a. Quantative measures
Only A + B in schools
Code of conduct


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