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When it comes to my health, my fitness goals are among the highest priority in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Although my time spent at the gym contributes to my fitness goals, there are a few bottlenecks that affect the time I spend at the gym. The main bottleneck which I encounter is the front desk congestion and the limit of exercise machines during peak times. (Guthrie, Lee. 2003) How will I overcome this bottleneck? I will do so by applying Goldratt’s theory of constraints. Before my goal itself can be reached, I must identify my system’s constraint which in this case is the gyms peak time. The peak time prevents me from obtaining more of my goal. I will decide on how to exploit my gym time’s constraint and in turn get the most out of it. In doing so I will gather information from the gym’s manager regarding its peak time. Once I have gathered this information I will make the most of my constraint by subordinate which is basically, “aligning the whole system to support my decision.” (Wikipedia, 2012) Finally, I will elevate my gym time’s constraints by making major changes needed to break this constriction. Conclusion

I do not foresee the gym’s peak time to be a long term constraint on my fitness goals, and I can say that applying Goldratt’s theory of constraints will enable me to obtain my health and overall fitness goals.


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