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 The planning function of management  The influence of legal issues, ethics and corporate social responsibilities of British Petroleum (BP)  The factors that influence, Strategic, Tactical, operational and contingency planning Planning For Rebuilding and Growth Exploration Deepwater Gas value and chains Technology Relationships Strategic goals  Increase stock values  Rebuild public relationships and trust  Improve global environment image Planning process  Develop a plan  Identify the plan  Evaluate the plan  Operational plans are included  Implement new systems and control  Monitor and control progression towards goal Addressing the issues  Ethical issues  Environmental protection  Legal issues  Corporate social responsibilities  Build a positive image Ethical Management  Making an effort to build long-term value in the future.  Dealing with honest suppliers.  Complying with environmental laws.  Ensuring reasonable levels of workplace, health and safety.  Provide customers with the products of their nature. The Response and Responsibility of Gulf Oil Spill BP’s management resulted in a oil spill arguing liability.

 Strategy was to avoid taking legal responsibility so management started finger pointing.  BP’s factors that influenced planning Three factors that influence BP oil companies operational and contingency planning include, unexpected oil spills. Sometimes they cannot control things like floods, which can cause oil burst and affect the flow of the plan. The third factor is Man-Made calamity. These affect the plan of the company because they need to address it immediately. Conclusion to BP’s oil spill In conclusion, the extra-precautions BP should have taken in order to prevent this disaster could have been expensive…even very expensive…but still cheaper than the” destruction of its reputation and business…not to mention an entire eco-system”. Before ignoring expensive protection measures, companies must ask themselves the price of their worth. Is this price smaller than their protection budget? Is it bigger? No doubt most of them would agree that thousands of dollars are not worth the risk of destroying their reputation and jeopardize their activities. References  Daft, R., & Marcic, D. (2012) Understanding Management. Mason, OH: South Western  Cengage Learning  Sherlock, M. (2011) Tax Issues and the Gulf of Mexico Spill.

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