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Brain Cancer and Cell Phones Essay Sample

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Brain Cancer and Cell Phones Essay Sample

Cell phones are used in our everyday lives, it is a thing that people use for their business, entertainment, or communicating with each other. The case that is related to brain cancer is due to the usage of cell phones, and it has sprouted the attention of the scientists from worldwide. According to the researchers people are getting brain tumors and benign tumor on the auditory nerve. Countries such as U.K, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany are where the research is conducted, in view of the fact that they have the highest statistics usage of cell phones.

According to the researchers Long-term use of cell phone could raise health concerns, which they also believe that it can increase the risk of getting acoustic neuromas. Acoustic neuroma is a type of tumor that grows over a period of years, before being diagnosed. They found that, “it occurs in less than one adult per 100,000, per year.” (“The Standard” Magazine, “Study: Mobile phone use increases brain tumor risk”. Article by Scarlet Pruitt. Published: October 14, 2004). The researchers also discovered that the possibility of increase in the risk of tumor is on the side of brain where the phone is generally held. Therefore, the scientists pointed out that with analogue phones, which have also been used for a decade or more could not be determined if the same results would apply to long-term use of mobile phones. The research takes place in part of a large international study, which is known as “Interphone”, and it is coordinated by the World Health Organization’s Cancer Research Institute.

Scientists are using lab rats to observe if there are any connections between cell phones and brain tumor. They believe that the risk of getting brain tumor is due to the microwave radiation in mobile phones, where the magnetic field is attracted from the telephone posts. Dr Henry Lai and Dr. N.P Singh believed that, “the radiation changed brain cell membranes in the rats – and the effects are so severe that it could affect humans, too.” (“Physics and Biology of Mobile Telephony”. Pg. 24-26 Written by Dr. Gerald Hyland. May, 2005). Dr. Gerald Hyland, who is a British psychiatrist he believes that he found an evidence that “Low intensity, pulsed radiation currently used, could exert non-thermal influences could have health consequences.”And to support his evidence, he conducted a study where rats were used with radiation exposure. They study group has carried out a survey to question the patients who have brain cancer, in this survey the patients were asked if they have been using mobile phones or not and how long they have been using it for.

Neurologists who carried the study also exposed rats to microwave pulses which are similar to the productions from a mobile phone to calculate the effect on the body’s blood- brain barrier. Within only two minutes of exposure the neurologists said, “We saw the opening of the blood-brain barrier even after a short exposure to radiation at the same level as mobile phones.” The picture below is represented for a comparison of brains from unexposed and exposed rats:

Exposed rats on the right side of diagram with dark dots in the brain shows that they were more likely to have albumin (protein) leaking from blood vessels in the inappropriate places. And in controlled rats which are at the left side on the diagram shows that there is no albumin leakage or occasional isolated spots. Therefore, the researchers admitted that they were not sure if this is a harmful effect, even though it seems like that molecules such as proteins and toxins can pass out of the blood when the phone is switched on and cross into the brain.

This research has many benefits toward people in their lives. People, who are using cell phones for more than a decade or more, will start to use the mobile less than what they normally do, since the research could warn people by telling them how harmful it could be to their health problem, and it can prevent them from getting tumor. In additional it can also improve the mobile phone company of making their products less harmful. Which they could try to invent new phones which create less radiation on it, as a result it can lower the amount of risk that people will get brain tumor, ever since that people won’t stop using mobile phones in the recent century, because it is a thing that people can’t live without it. For example, the mobile phone helps the business man from different countries communicate better, instead of going oversea to about the works, they could use phones.

The sufficient of data could be a reason that makes the research unreliable. As other researches of the cell phones determine that the use of cell phones does not likely to cause brain cancer, this may confused the readers or weather to trust or not to trust the research. Furthermore, there are many types of mobile phones, and depend on what brand or type of mobile phones it is it might have different amount of radiation that is released at each time they talk, and also it is also depend on the length of time that they talk on the phone in the 10 years. In addition, because of widespread cell phone use is little more than a decade old only, so there has only a limited opportunity to examine its long term health effects.

People living near broadcasting tower get affected. The area in which the broadcasting tower is located affects the environment as they may of flattened a forest or an open area of ground in order to build the broadcasting tower in that location. They also may not have taken into consideration the people which are living around the area of the broadcasting tower location, which relates to Health and Social Education as well as Community and Service. The people may be affected by the radiation coming off the towers which would be worse than using a mobile phone for ten years as the tower is constantly in use. The people’s community will also have been affected as they will have a huge tower in the area, which makes the environment look aesthetically unpleasing.

From this research people can know if they are at risk of getting brain cancer, and also try to prevent it. People who used cell phones for more than 10 years would know these themselves, and from the research they could begin to use less mobile phone as much as they could, instead of using it too much. In recent years, many young children such as 10 years or an above they all have their own cell phones already. In one way it is good to have cell phones with them in case something happens, but on the other hand, most of the teenagers use mobile phones to talk with friends every single day, no matter how long they have been talking on the phone, as the phone is switched on the radiation will pass through your brain. In addition it can help the people in society become aware of the mobile phone when they are using it.

Ethically this research has been using many rats for experimenting. The experimenting with animals is something accepted, because it is a benefit for scientific research, ever since by using rats scientists can know about new medicament or about human biology. Ethically rats are used in experiments instead of human, because they have similar DNA, cells, Tissues..etc with humans, therefore, no one have ever thinks that when researchers are using rats for experiments they are not respect them, they are hurting them and making them from suffering. In many experiments they are being harmed or even kill during the procedure, or after it is completed, and have they ever think about it is unethical to cause pain and the death of an animal who has no chance of defending them?. In addition, when people remove animals from their natural habitats to use in study, it can disturb and affect all of the life in that ecosystem. For example, experimenting rats lead to large numbers of rats being removed from their wild homes, which causes animals that eat rats for survival to death.


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