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Review “How Should I Brainstorm?” in the media piece “The Writing Process.” The media piece “The Writing Process” explores six ways to brainstorm:
1)Free Writing
2)Breaking Down a Topic
5)Three Perspectives
6)Journalistic Questions

Assignment Directions:
1.Choose three ways to brainstorm from the list above.
2.Brainstorm about the topic of your Persuasive Essay using each of your chosen 3 methods.
3.Document your brainstorms using this resource.
4.If you choose to brainstorm by mapping/webbing, you will document your brainstorm within the media piece and save it as a PDF file (directions are included in the media piece), which you will then submit to the drop box along with this completed resource (an assignment drop box can accept more than one assignment).

Documentation of Brainstorm:
Record your brainstorms below using as much space as needed for each entry.

Brainstorm One: Free Writing
Bullies may have uninvolved parents at home or may be beaten up by siblings and therefore transferring their anger onto their “victims” at school. There may not be rules at the school against bullying. They may want to fit in and so follow along when another child is being bullied. The school might be overcrowded and there might not be enough supervision of the children.

Brainstorm Two: Listing
Pack bullying is undertaken by a group.
One on bullying is individual bullying.
Physical bullying is a form of physical abuse. Like pushing or shoving.
Emotional bullying is teasing, insults, name calling.
Face to face is when the bully confronts the victim.
Cyber bullying takes place online via email, text, chat rooms or social networking sites.

Brainstorm Three: Journalistic Questions
What is bullying? Bullying is intentionally trying to harm another person emotionally, physically or over the web. Who does the bullying? Usually these children do not think of the feelings of others. They might be physically strong and enjoy the power the bullying brings. These children might come from a family where the parents fight or bully the child. When does bullying occur? Bullying occurs when there is a group of children together that are not supervised. Where does bullying occur? Bullying can occur on the way home to school, on the way to school, on the playground, in eating areas, and in class when the teachers aren’t looking. Why does bullying occur? Bullying occurs when a youth is trying to establish dominance over another who he considers weaker. How can we stop bullying? Talk to your child and explain to them that they need to be able to feel safe and comfortable in school. Get all the facts and make sure you talk to all of the parties involved. Get to the bottom of the cause. Is it poor supervision? Does your child need to learn to set boundaries? Does the school need to set clear policies? Protect your child. Prevent any future problems. Get help for your child. Help make the experience into a learning one.

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