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Generations change from time to time, and even if time itself also changes, a thing will always be kept in constant and that is the happy thoughts and the great things to be remembered as you spare your precious and over-refined time worthwhile.

You usually have an interaction with this people in the campus. A group of elite writers who are the brains behind the intuitive and exceptional yearbook designs ever existed. Who would have thought that these students in their different respective department uniforms are being fused delightfully together for a common goal and purpose?

You might wonder how they made it though. But one thing is for sure, aside from dedication and being passionate, versatility is the best personality that each EXIMIUS staff possesses. They can move between tasks!

Let me take this distinct privilege to introduce the different and E-xtraordinary, X -enodochy, I-ntellectual, M-anageable, I- nseparable U-pright S-tudents. Soo, here it goes. This is the EXIMIUS family tree.

To start with the E-I-C, she plays an important role in sorting out articles and other matters in yearbook making. She is no other than Krizaine Cordero or Ate Zaine as often address to her. She is a smart young woman with a genuine heart that elicits idyllic work principles. The person I know who has a bottomless of patience when we pass our articles beyond the deadline. And what makes her that special to everyone? It is her eagerness to move ahead in life is truly worth keeping! The voice within her heart is express in her blog. To sum it up, Ate Zaine is a dream of every man to have. Marie Gras Rodas

A movie extremist
Their countless efforts should be esteemed. If August 26 as mark in our calendars as The National Heroes Day, then it should be the day when these staffs should celebrate, as they were considered as the Modern Hero’s of the institution.

Each difference made one’s incompleteness sustainable for the others. For a dish to taste exceptional, it should have been the spices that add up unconventional flavor. This made a perfect set of people made from heaven.

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