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This document presents the detailed scope of work for Resort La Torre – a project of Luigi Rotunno. The purpose of this document is to give an all-encompassing view of the project by outlining the key factors critical to achieving overall project success, such as; scope, functional hierarchy, functional details, development process, workflows, policies and liability agreements. The document aims to establish a clear understanding with the client so as to ensure that end-product meets client’s needs and expectations and the development process, once it commences, can proceed smoothly and efficiently with minimum ambiguity and delays from either of the parties involved. Policies

The following policies are observed by Avenue Social during the development and delivery of the project. * Avenue Social will not be responsible for data entry.
* Design changes after 30% of the project completion would not be entertained. This refers to major design overhauls and does not include optimization techniques. * Timeline can vary due to client feedback and other circumstances. * All changes made outside the Scope of Work after document after its approval will be subject to extra charges depending on the depths of said changes. * If the client requests for the project to be canceled at any point for any reason, 10% of the amount paid by the client up till that point will be refunded. * Avenue Social will not be liable to purchase any 3rdparty scripts, if required. * Should any bugs occur in the source code at any point in project life cycle, Avenue Social will fix them, without charging any extra cost. Liabilities

Avenue Social liability is limited to, and will not exceed the total amount paid by the client to Avenue Social during and after the project development. Objective

Avenue Social will design, develop and deploy/launch website named “Resort La Torre”. Resort La Torre is a web based application which enable the users (visitor of the resort) to send personalized post cards to his Friends (Facebook Friends). This website requires Facebook integration.

Core objectives of the project are as under:
* Website for visitors of the resort who have visited before. * Resort admin will take the pictures of the visitors and then copy it in computer
(located inside the resort). * The visitor use his picture and create personalized post cards which will be sending to the selected facebook users. * Users will have the possibility to choose different dates with regards to the availability of the maximum dates. * User will have the choice to send through the facebook wall or through e-mail (optional).

Note: The document contains wireframes which gives rough sketch of the user interfaces of the project, therefore actual screens might slightly differ from them. Functional Specification
* Picture Gallery
* Theme Selection
* Personalized
* Content
* Post

Functional Details
Following are the functional details the images are self explanatory, client needs to approve the flow of the application. (Landing Page)

Following is the list of deliverables which will be released by Avenue Social: 1. Scope of Work
2. Designs
3. Database
4. Website
5. Source Code

After the scope of work (SOW) document has been approved, the application development would require: Designs| 1 week|
Development| 4 weeks|
Testing| 1 week|
Total| 6 weeks|

Note: Timeline are subject to change due to external factors such as delay in client feedback when required or changes in requirements.

System Requirements
The server, hosting the website, must have the following prerequisites. Operating system| Linux|
Application server| Apache 2.2.x|
Database server| MySQL5|
Platform| PHP5|

Note: AvenueSocial will not be responsible for the cost of purchasing the server. We can guide you to find the best hosting service available. We will share our recommendation during development phase.

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