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Pressure is a common cause of suffering in teenagers. In Dr. Gott’s article, Pressures Getting to Teen, he exposes the answers of how and why these demands can burden a teenager. There are two kinds of pressures, internal and external. There are many results on how teens are effected by internal and external pressure. Dr. Gott also explains tricks on how to cope when a heavy load is put on a person shoulders. Although many people believe when the pressure is on there is nothing to do, but in reality there is many ways to deal with the strain. There are two kinds of pressures, internal and external. Internal pressure is inner motivation to do something. In Dr. Gott’s article, he mentioned organization, self motivation, and freedom of choice being internal pressures. Organization or time management is a persons way to arrange there day to do things. Without good organization, people tend to wait until the last minute to do homework or to study and they end up breaking under pressure. An example of self motivation is a test coming up and you tell yourself to study or you’ll fail. That is an example of good internal pressure because it stresses a teen to get their work done.

Freedom of choice is an internal pressure that allows a teen to make a decision and have the easy option to change. On the other hand, there are external pressures. External pressure is defined as a pressure placed on a person from an outside force. This kind of pressure can come from parents, peers, and school. For example, my parents continuously pressure me on getting good grades to get into a top college. Pressure brings teens to high stress levels and pushes them to find escape mechanisms. An escape is described as breaking away from something. These mechanisms relate to stress because when things go bad people in general strive to find an escape mechanism. For example, when I am stressed out, I need to exercise to release my inhibitions. Dr. Gott in his article, exposed the bad escapes that are, drugs, alcohol, feigned illness, and dropping out. Students who set high expectations for themselves and seem to not reach those goals need to lower or change their standards.

On the other side, external pressure can lead to the bad escapes. Solutions to these problems rely in simple conversation and talking to someone about everything. With every problem, there is a solution. In Dr. Gott’s article, he recommends to have talks with people, who a person is close to, to vent about their emotions. Simple conversation can be the key to lower that stress level. Gott says to explain to a peer, parent, or teacher that, “The additional pressure creates more of a burden than you can handle.” As a result, this person will have the helper’s ideas on how to plan their next step, rather than escaping. Dealing with pressure can be tough, but with the right advice and choices, the world can be lifted off a persons shoulder. The two types of pressure, internal and external, can bring an adolescent down or motivate them. Effects of pressure offer the possibilities of escape mechanisms. Lastly, to deal with problems is talking it out with someone. If someone is dealing with pressures the best way to prevent break downs and negative escapes is to talk to someone about your issues. Pressure can be a good thing to keep a person focused on the important things in life, but if it begins to overwhelm them it can cause problems in their overall life.

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