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British Basketball League Essay Sample

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British Basketball League Essay Sample

Coaching Awards:

In order for basketball to be a successful competition reliable and trust worthy coaches are needed. Anyone can apply for these courses, however the most person who will benefit would be teachers, as they also can gain understanding and knowledge of the sport. For this they must apply and complete a course on the following:

England Basketball Coaching Award Schemes

The Coaching Award Scheme is organised for the development and training of basketball coaches. The Scheme provides an incentive to men and women to improve their knowledge of the game, assesses this knowledge, and enables England Basketball to maintain a list of active coaches prepared to play a part in the development of Basketball in England.

Levels of Award

Leaders Award

This is a basic level qualification covering instructing the basic skills of the game, officiating and club administration.

Level I Coach Award (Assistant)

This is the basic level of coaching qualification, which gives outline knowledge of basketball, and enables the holder to introduce basketball, or to assist a Coach.

Level II Coach Award

This is the standard level of coaching qualification for all club coaches working at local level. The award gives a general overview of all aspects of basketball, and a basic introduction to coaching techniques.

Level III Coach Award (Advanced)

This is the Advanced level of coaching qualification, and is suitable for coaches working with all standards of players, from beginners to good standard players.

Promotional/Grass Root schemes:

Many secondary school now have primary school links where a qualified physical education teacher take their lessons. This can bring structure and knowledge to the younger children. In addition to this can bring out some talent in the younger children where a normal primary school teachers might not find. Furthermore, at an early age the children can benefit values of structured physical education lessons, such as physical values, preparation values, personal values and qualitative values.

A well-known company called Active sport has organized competitions for girls and boys aged 12-14 in basketball. They target young children who already enjoy basketball in school and in community programs. The sport is in fortunate position as it forms well with the national curriculum in many secondary schools. The individual school programs help those less fortunate and with social difficulties. The sport is a growing inter-school competition based for young people. Over 3,000 secondary schools have subscribed to the sunny delight sponsorship award scheme. This helps the young children with link between learning basic basketball and gaining access to quality coaching and competitions to help improve and test their performance.

Regional and National Competitions:

Borough example: Newham

This competition is mainly targeted at the secondary schools where the school is split up in to two teams:

(a) Years 7-9 – Junior Team

(b) Year 10-11 – Senior Team

Both teams play in different age competitions but the structures are still the same. They play against other schools in the borough the winner goes through to play in the county Essex competition. And the winner from that moves on the Eastern England and then finally the nationals.

Doping Control and testing

The England basketball follow guidelines set by the FIBA. They control sanctioned or controlled tournaments, events or fixtures, sport drug testing procedures may be undertaken as authorised by FIBA. They appose any banned substances such as:

Stimulants : cocaine/caffeine which can reduce tiredness and cause the athlete to train for longer leaving them alert and confident. A stimulant affects the central nervous system.

Narcotic Analgesic : Heroin which reduces sensations of the central nervous system and acts as a pain relief.

Anabolic Agents: (steroids) which increase muscle size and leave the athlete to train harder and longer. Plus many more.

If when an athlete is tested positive for a ban substance. Then England Basketball refers the matter to a hearing, England Basketball will send the person a letter which:

(a) Sets out the nature of the anti-doping rule violation.

(b) Advises that England Basketball will refer the matter to a hearing within 14 days.

(c) Encloses a copy of this policy.

(d) Advises, in the case of a player with an adverse analytical finding, of their right to promptly request the analysis of the B sample or, failing such request, that the B sample analysis may be deemed waived.

England Basketball will wait 14 days after sending a letter and then will:

(a) Appoint a Tribunal established in accordance with its rules, and/or the rules of FIBA, to conduct a hearing; or

(b) Appoint any other Tribunal recognised by England Basketball and UK Sport for the purposes of hearing doping related cases.

Random drug testing take place either before or after a match, not all players will be tested however, a few selected people might have to undergo the procedure. Every athlete must not oppose the testing nor miss it or a hearing will be placed and the manager can stop them playing for the team until the hearing is finished. This is highlighted in their contract in which they sign before signing up for the team.

Performance Pyramid

Excellence Level

Performance Level

Participation Level

Foundation Level

From an early age due to the programs carried out in primary school (TOP Sport) a specialist basketball coach would come in and train us to play basketball. This used to be carried outside of school hours and would be known as Physical Recreation. However, on the performance pyramid I would place myself still on the foundation level as I don’t play for an outside team. However, during the time at secondary school I was captain of the girl’s team and often played in borough competitions organized by Newham and England Basketball. This helped me build an active lifestyle and gain knowledge and understanding of the game itself, as well as learning in Physical Education lessons set by the national curriculum. Even though basketball isn’t a well known sport such as football is in U.K. in America basketball is the football in U.K.

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