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Introduction of TOPIC

In this movie, there’s a guy named Bruce who is a news man, and has a very good sense of humor, but he seeks for a higher position (Top) in the fields of news casting as an anchor. There’s a time he blamed God, because he assume that God don’t grant his wishes, and in the worst scenario he became jobless. Bruce and his girlfirend breakup, but God opened his eyes, and became contented not being an anchor to pursue a simpler life with true happiness within him.

Every one of us can be like Bruce; sometimes we blame God, because he doesn’t help you. One needs an evidence of existence which is not necessary. We only need is faith, we just have to believe, trust and follow God. There’s a part of the movie that God let Bruce witness the miracle & be the miracle. We never know who might need a handing hand and who knows what an effect it can have on them. Another thing that I got out of this movie is, that it’s okay if don’t know how the handle a situation, just like Bruce each of us come from many stages in life, but God has already got the situation figured out, God shows us many signs in our life, we just have to learn to follow those signs, cause it was never ours to begin with, it is always God’s. People struggles in life, they have lots of problems that breaks your hope, and spirit, but there is God to lift you up, the light of your darkness. Have faith in him, & he will help you with your struggles.

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