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Bud Light: Using Humor to Manipulate the Audience Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

            As an advertising leader and the constant favorite in reviews of each year’s Super Bowl commercials, Bud Light has mastered the art of using humor in order to manipulate their target audience. In a commercial featured during the 2007 Super Bowl, Bud Light delighted audiences and commercial reviewers with their commercial entitled “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” which showed why playing a friendly game like Rock, Paper, Scissors may not be the best way to determine who gets the last beer.

            The commercial depicts an outdoor barbecue and two young men most likely in their 20’s reaching for the final Bud Light. The men decide to play Rock, Paper, Scissors for the final beer, but the commercial ends with one of the men throwing a rock at the other one in order to grab the last beer. While lying on the ground, the man who was just hit claimed he threw paper, while the other man proclaims, “I threw a rock.” The advertisement then shows a cold glass of beer, complete with condensation and a small disclaimer stating to drink responsibly.

            This commercial attempts to show beer as the beverage of choice not only for outdoor barbecues, but for men ages 21 through 35. As most advertisements do, Bud Light manipulates the audience into believing that drinking beer is what all fun, popular people do when they are together. Those who drink Bud Light have a good sense of humor and will make any event, whether it is a barbecue, tailgate party or just a large group of friends, exciting and more memorable.


Commercials such as these are often also geared toward underage drinkers and glamorize drinking for

those who are not old enough to truly understand the effects that can be had on the body and mind. The alcohol industry, much like the tobacco industry, has been accused in the past of gearing advertisements toward those too young to legally use their products, but the alcohol industry has continued the practice while tobacco companies have been more severely punished for those actions.

             While tobacco is no longer allowed to be on television because of the information and health warnings that were not able to included in the commercials, alcohol commercials are still shown everyday with little to no warning on the risks that are associated with over indulgence. While Bud Light’s commercial does show in small, almost transparent print to drink responsibly, the announcer makes no mention of the disclaimer and instead discusses the cold, refreshing taste of Bud Light. The announcer then tells the target audience that Bud Light is “Always a Good Choice,” even though it is not a good choice before driving, while taking medications or in large quantities.

            However, Bud Light nor any other alcohol advertiser will discuss the dangers of drinking during their advertisements. These type of commercials would not manipulate the audience into buying their product, and may even turn the audience away from their product altogether. Alcohol commercials often show those drinking having a good time and being humorous because that is the part of drinking they want their audience to remember, not what comes after the “high.”

            In an overall review of the commercial, it effectively served its purpose in manipulating its audience to think of Bud Light when considering their next alcohol purchase. Also, because this commercial ran during the Super Bowl, it received additional free advertising nationwide from assorted other media outlets, including news organizations, blogs and other entertainment venues. Millions of people who may not have watched the commercial during the original airing were able to go on the Internet the next day and view the commercial as many times as they wished.

            When an advertising company produces a new commercial or advertising campaign, the company executives hope to create something that will be lasting and that will leave audiences talking about their product. Not only was Bud Light able to achieve this goal be placing the commercial during the most viewed program of the year, they were also able to create a commercial that was humorous and created a positive image of a product that could not only damage a person physically, but emotionally as well.

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