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Business Administration Essay Sample

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Business Administration Essay Sample

Q1. Explain the process of problem identification with an example. (Process – 7 marks, Example – 3 marks)

10 marks

Q2. Interview method involves a dialogue between the Interviewee and the Interviewer. Explain the interview method of data collection. What are the uses of this technique? What are the different types of interviews? (Explanation – 4 marks, Uses – 3 marks, Types – 3 marks)

10 marks

Q3. A study of different sampling methods is necessary because precision, accuracy, and efficiency of the sample results depend on the method employed for selecting the sample. Explain the different types of Probability and Non-Probability sampling designs. (Probability sampling designs – 5 marks, Non- probability designs – 5 marks)

10 marks

Q4. a. Differentiate between descriptive and inferential analysis of data. (Differences – 5 marks) b. Explain with examples various measures of Central Tendency. (Explanation – 5 marks)

10 marks

Q5. The chi-square test is widely used in research. Discuss the various applications of chi-square test. Under what conditions is this test applicable? (Meaning – 3 marks, Applications – 4 marks, Conditions – 3 marks)

10 marks

Q6. What is analysis of variance? What are the assumptions of the technique? Give a few examples where this technique could be used. (Meaning – 3 marks, Assumptions – 4 marks, Examples – 3 marks)

10 marks

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