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Introduction of TOPIC

Describe a time when you experienced effective communication in a business environment.

When I worked for Shoneys restaurant as a manager I would have a big problem with the servers taking long smoke breaks, too many smoke breaks, and not washing their hands. The customers began to complain that they were not being waited on properly and were not get refills due to their server being MIA for long periods of time. A few customers had even noticed a few servers not washing their hands after coming back inside from their smoke break. There had always been a rule in place about smoke breaks, but either no one cared or it was forgotten.

I decided to hold a meeting with the servers about their smoke breaks. During the meeting we discussed that smoke breaks were not to be taken if it was busy or if the tables had not been completely taken care of and did not need anything at the moment. In order to take a break the server had to find another server to watch their tables in case a customer needed som

ething and the break would take no more than five minutes. I let

the servers know that the customers were witnessing them not washing their hands and that was a health violation and that they will be written up. I also told the group that even if they did not smoke they were still entitled to a “smoke” break and could take a few minutes to get a drink and rest their feet. I believe that what is fair to one is fair to all. Along with these rules I let the servers know that as soon as one rule was broken there would not be any more smoke breaks for the remainder of their shift unless they were on their mandatory lunch break.

Discuss at least three (3) reasons why you perceived the communication to be effective, and explain the resulting impact to the business. The communication was very effective. While there were a few servers who thought they could still get away with not following the rules they soon found out that I was serious when I took away the smoke breaks every time they broke the rules.

After the few times of getting their breaks taken away the employees took the meeting very seriously and followed the new rules in fear of having their smoke breaks taken away again. The nonsmoking employees were grateful that they were included in “smoke” break time and seemed much happier with having an extra break or two like the smokers. The customers were now satisfied and not complaining about bad service due to the server not being around and I did not have any more complaints about hand washing.

I had a great crew and we were like a little family. Being able to effectively communicate with them a problem got solved and no one got into trouble, written up, or fired.

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