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This assignment requires you to investigate the effective presentation of business information. For this assignment you will need either information that you have collected in your first assignment or you can find new information that other organisations use. The following tasks relate to financial information but if you prefer you can use marketing, operational, manufacturing, human resource, logistics or transport information. Please check with your tutor to ensure the information you select is appropriate for the assignment.

1. Obtain financial information from your selected organisation and give a five0-minute verbal presentation about what the financial information shows about the performance of the business or part of the business. Your verbal presentation should be suitable for a number of business journalists who want to report on the performance of the business. (P2)

2. Produce a brief written report on what the information shows about the performance of the business or part of the business. This report should be suitable for the directors or the senior management of the business and should include a spread sheet or graph to help explain the financial situation. (P2)

3. Produce a leaflet, which is aimed at the staff of the business, telling them about the financial performance of the business or part of the business. The majority of the staff do not have any financial or accountancy knowledge. (P2)

4. Using the same organisation or any other of your choice, produce a corporate communication such as an advert, poster or leaflet communicating information about the business or one of its products or services. Your proposed audience will be the business’s customers and potential customers. (P3)

5. Find an example of a real external corporate communication from your selected business and evaluate it as a means of corporate communication. This could be an advert they have produced or a poster, leaflet, advertisement, packaging, logos, livery, straplines, endorsements or any sponsorship they may have undertaken. (P4)

6. Your final task is to evaluate the effectiveness of the business information and its communication as key contributors to the success of the organisation, using examples to illustrate your points.

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