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Security breaches affect businesses all over the corporate America. Every day there are thousands of companies that are in threat and danger of being affected by this issue. Each business can be affected deeply by this problem. Security breaches can tarnish and blemish the image of the company and create significant tangible and intangible losses for a business. Statistical Techniques

The team used several methods to analyze the data pertaining to security breaches and ways to resolve the issues surrounding this growing issue. Statistical methods that Team C discussed to use to analyze and infer a conclusion from our data are; qualitative analysis because it deals with numbers that can be measured, quantitative analysis because it deals with numbers that can be measured, quantitative analysis that is non-measured qualities, random sampling, descriptive statistic describes and\or summarizes data, and categorical data which is data that is organized.

We analyzed the data set obtained from the combined two data sources and represent the data in various graphical formats in order to communicate the essence of a security breach events along multiple dimensions. We can used surveys to quantify our data. We can say, Allall values are rounded to the nearest integer. Table 1 shows a statistical overview of the data set during the time interval under study- the mean, median, standard deviation, 95% confidence interval around the mean, and high\low values for the frequency distribution of storage breach incidents and total records lost shipping( per month and per incident). The large standard deviation is due to two significant breach incidents that skew the variation statistics.

To test the hypothesis the surveys will be combined to derive the mean, mode and medium which is based on the research and studies. Team C is going to test the hypothesis. We are going to combine the surveys and find the mean, mode and medium based on our research and studies. Resolution for of our security breaches matter will be based on our data gathered. ing that include recommendation from top security firms.and finding the best way to resolve this issue from our statistical results.


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