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Job satisfaction and job turnovers can hurt a business with the add expense of training new employees. Our team is discussing ways to conduct a survey for employees in an attempt to understand and correct any problems to lower job turnovers and increase job satisfaction. By understanding how the employees see their position with the company, and how their feel about the operations will give the insight need to improve all areas. Top on our list is learning if employees feel they are valued by the company, also to learn how well they are trained and paid. In our discussion we have decide to have the survey conducted by a third party, this will help keep the survey non-bias. We have determined that the survey should have no more than ten questions and they should be worded to be precise so we can get the answers we need. We need to make sure there are no special events happening before the survey so it will not influence employee’s answers. We feel that the question should be more than yes/no answers, they should be set as scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

Also there should be an area for additional comments. I would also suggest that we take the survey first to make sure we will get the results we are looking for. All employees should answer but it will not be made mandatory and set up a time frame for this survey to be completed. Access to the survey will be set up for forms both written and internet, this should allow for more responses. The size of a random sampling should be determined to get the most accurate results. Once data is collected, compiled and validate to be accurate, graphs and tables showing results, along with a report to should be presented to senior management. We feel this will help management to know how to correct any problems. Therefore it is our opinion that a properly conducted survey, done by a third party could make a big difference in any troubles with job satisfaction and high turnover rates with employees. Making sure those who participate in the survey know it is safe to give their honest answers is very important. Also it can help to improve communication between upper management and all employees. A happy employee is a productive employee.


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