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1.I don’t fully agree with Friedman’s vision of the flat World. Though I think we are more connected and informed than ever. According to me I feel Friedman’s views and research is mostly concerning the developed countries focusing on business and targeting the cooperate world. Today technology, telecommunications has definitely helped people around the world to be closer. But Friedman’s does not mention the less fortunate countries where the globalization is still a far dream. I feel Friedman’s analysis is a good fit for the rich and developed countries, where World has changed to a global village.

2.Today’s educated Students have all the potential and access to the world of technology at their fingertips. They can easily change to the growing job demands and are ready for job changes as needed. They sure got to have good education as the competition is high in today’s economy. I don’t think it’s difficult to find a job; it depends on how open you are to change in the new world of job opportunities and choose the best option.

3. Students can equip themselves for this competitive world by acquiring good education. Be updated in the field of your study and keep yourself open to news and updates and also be more aware of the advantages and inconveniences that they may encounter while competing in a flat world

4. Steroids, engines can now talk to computers, people can talk to people, computers can talk to computers, and people can talk to computers father, faster, more cheaply, and more easily that ever before.

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