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Introduction of TOPIC

You have an opportunity to earn extra credit for our Business Ethics class by participating in a research study. This is a new study. To earn credits for this study, you have to participate even if you have already partaken in previous studies this year. The study consists of a 30 min long survey. Timeslots open every 30 min on: · · · · · Monday (6/24) – 12:30pm-5:00pm Tuesday (6/25) – 9:00am-8:00pm Wednesday (6/26) – 12:30pm-5:00pm Thursday (6/27) – 9:00am-8:00pm Friday (6/28) – 9:00am-5:00pm

In order to participate, you need to book a timeslot online by following the steps below: 1. Log into Cattrack by following this website:¢er_id=46 2. Select a date in the last search box; choose ONLY among the dates presented above.

Other dates might be available for other studies that do not grant credit for this class. Leave the “provider” and the “location” fields empty and press “Go” 3. On the following page: a. click on the timeslot of your choice only among the options presented above; b. click on the “sign-up” button. Please wait as this might take a few seconds. Do not click twice, otherwise you will book multiple timeslots. Then, go to ROOM Lubar N 216 on the selected date/time to partake in the study. Please make sure to be there on time.

Also, please do not enter the room (nor knock at the door) until the door of the computer lab is open. If you have any questions, please contact Amira L. Burns at [email protected] This study is also open to students of BA 201, 210, 311, 320, 350, 370, 393, and 455. If you are enrolled in, and want to earn bonus credits for additional classes please contact Amira L. Burns before the beginning of the study. An equitable alternative is available. If you would like complete the equal alternative instead of taking part in the study, please ask the experimenter at the beginning of the study.

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