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We are delighted to announce that a four-star rating has been granted to Fair Grove Elementary School for the fifth consecutive year. As you know, this rating is the highest distinction a county school can receive. The table below outlines the county requirements compared with Fair Grove’s overall figures.

Four-Star Ranking Requirements|
Area| Minimum Requirements| Fair Grove Figure|
Attendance| 95%| 97.2%|
Language Proficiency| 90%| 91.1%|
Math Proficiency| 90%| 90.7%|

To earn a four-star rating, schools must rank in the top 20 percent of the three areas shown on the table. Fair Grove Elementary School is one of only ten county schools to achieve this distinction. In addition to the academic performance and attendance figures, we recognize your other achievements, as follows: * Nearly 80 percent of Fair Grove students are involved in extracurricular activities * Operating expenses and budget are kept to a minimum, with no additional funds requested from county budget last year * High rate of teacher retention and satisfaction

* Parental involvement and inclusion in coursework, volunteer projects, and unpaid positions (i.e., recreational sports league coaches, cafeteria monitors, chaperones, etc.)

The County Education Board extends its congratulations to you for a job well done. Please accept our thanks for your continuing role in shaping our county’s future citizens.

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