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Business Model and Strategic Plan Part II SWOTT Analysis Paper General Mills has 41,000 employees spread out in over one hundred countries on six continents producing and marketing more than one hundred brands. The company’s gross net earnings are $1.9 billion dollars, their global net sales are $17.8 billion dollars, and their net sales for the international business segment is $5.2 billion dollars. They have contributed to different community charities a grand total of $153 million dollars over the years. Understanding the profits earned and the logistics of this company speaks volumes towards the growth and development of a new division and new products and it gives an insight to the potential profits to come. External Forces

Consumers are becoming more conscious of their spending and their health habits as the world shifts from the fast food industry and the children in America becoming obese. Thriving businesses understand the need to provide a service or product at affordable prices that also meets the health concise of America. As the world is change and becoming healthier more companies are cutting the fat as well. Developing new products to the consumers that will meet their needs is essential. As General Mills has demonstrated with their mission statement of “Nourishing Lives making lives healthier”. Opening a new division in the Annie’s product line would follow their already profitable achievements that they have instilled around the world. Creating Annie’s stages would help send their company further in the right direction of healthier living. Implementing this new division would create a healthy image for the company and show their customers that they care about them and their families.

Products that help parents to teach their children to develop healthy habits are what is going to help change the obesity problem that children are facing in America. Following the strategic plan that General Mills already has in place will effectively jump start the new division. The goals are to help instill healthy eating habits from a young age so that children will learn as they grow to eat healthier foods. By implementing the healthy foods in stages will guide their decisions to choose healthy snacks instead of fatty unhealthy foods in the future. The market strategy in place has been successful for many years and the company should not deviate from their formula. As well as with their existing distribution and sales network, they have decades of experience, and a vast amount of resources to have a successful new division. Their opportunities growth using their innovative technology and strategic capabilities have carried them well beyond what they imagined in the beginning. Globally they have grown to become one of the top food chain companies and having a new healthy division will push them further. Internal Forces

When dealing with internal forces the company can implement changes as needed to achieve the goals they set. Putting the right people in the right positions ensures great leadership and makes things run smoothly. The company has a legal team in place that handles any situations that may arise when developing new divisions so that there are no problems when it comes to government regulations and standards so they can focus on the needs of the consumers. The company uses specific ingredients grown by people they have a relationship with and food safety is the most important aspect of their business. The social trends of consumers plays a role in the developing of new products and with the world becoming healthy the health and wellness of their consumers is the objective.

Being a global company culture is important to the company and who their consumers are. As we know cultures are different and so are their needs. With that in mind General Mills wants to develop a product or products that will meet the needs of many cultures and still be able to maintain a healthy image. The only threat to the company has and will ever be are their competition. As they grow they have to stay one step ahead of their competitors in everything they do. They have to be the first to develop products that will satisfy the consumers’ needs. Everyone claims to have a healthy product, but are they really healthy? Are they made with real ingredients like whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, no preservatives, or no GMO’s? Honestly, some are about a third and the rest have too much salt or cholesterol and then there are Trans fats and other things that are not healthy and when they are combined the product is no longer healthy. SWOTT Analysis

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