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Developing the MIS will involve investigating the overall required functions of the system and specific requirements for each type and level of manager. Describe and justify THREE ways in which these requirements can be developed. You should describe the selected methods of analysis and requirements elicitation and explain and illustrate why they are appropriate in this case.

According to the Management Library, managers should approach decision making in an organized manner. Top managers in a company include the board of directors or a chief executive officer; these executives make critical company decisions related to the corporate strategic planning and organizational development of the company. These top managers may decide how to handle a major crisis and what product to launch or manufacture. They also identify competitors, create a corporate vision for the company, decide on mergers and acquisitions, develop budgets and set long-term goals.

Therefore, many methods can used to make decision for each type and level of manager. At this case, I selected Anthony Triangles; Story Boards; Use Case model to elicitation and explain and illustrate why they are appropriate.

The Anthony Triangle is an organizational model. Anthony’s triangle takes business organizations are hierarchies’ view of management structure. There are many operational decisions at the bottom level, for example production and service workers; data workers, some tactual decisions in the middle level, for example scientists and knowledge workers often work in this level, important strategic decisions at the top level of the triangle, for example organizations senior management just like some Directors, Chief Executive Officer etc. The higher in the triangle is the more scope to covers and less accurate it becomes. As items move down they become more detailed and apply more precisely.

Senior Management

Middle Management

Operational Management

Story Boards is a type of prototype of the information system, is communication tools it helps the developer make sure they understand the logic of the system and how it will work in practice. It also to help developer and programmer understand the required user experience. Story Boards are used today by industry for planning ad campaigns, commercials, a proposal or other business presentations intended to persuade or force to action. Consulting firms teach the technique to their staff to use during the development of client presentations. The initial Story Boards may be as simple as slide titles on Post-It notes, nowadays replaced with draft presentation slides as they are created. Advantage of using storyboards is that it allows the user to examine with changes in the storyline to draw out stronger reaction or interest. For example, are often the result of sorting Story Boards out of sequential order to help build suspense and interest. Visual thinking and planning allows a group of people to breakthrough together, place their ideas on Story Boards and then arranging the Story Boards on the wall. This encourages more ideas and creates harmony inside the group.

Use cases are one of the most important tools in any successful project. They didn’t tell how the application will work technically, but it can explain what the application has to do functionally. The best technology in the world is only the best if the user can use it efficiently and successfully. In systems engineering, use cases are used at a higher level than within software engineering, often representing missions or stakeholder goals. There are some business models in use cases; goal in context, primary actor, role, main success scenario, Story, which means the body of the use case, is simply a paragraph or two of text, informally describing what happens. We need to meet with each user of the system from end-user to department manager to system administrator individually and put data together that’s you will need to create acceptable. Identify the first step from your workflow diagram in the business process. Use case will be a nice written illustration of each functional step in that particular process. Backstage system processes such as batch job run at night are not detailed in a use case. Finally review your use case for completeness; use case document should completely describe the functional processes involved in getting that particular job completed from start to finish.

In this case, we should collect different of information for each level of managers for their decision making. The first information is needed for Global Sales Directors and Global Manufacturing Director. These directors are concerned with the overall revenue and profit position of MagiCo and their future direction. For the level of top management which help senior management tackle and address strategic issue and long-term trends, both in firm and in external environment. And the following are the information which is needed for top management. Second, the Regional Director is serve monitoring, controlling, decision-making, and administrative activities of middle management. Branch sales manager and factory manager, this level of management are support them by keep track of the elementary activities and transaction of the organization, such as sales, receipts, credit decisions and the stock of materials. Also they are concerning if they can meet the revenue and the profit targets or not from their own Branch, the following information is needed for their review purpose.

Task 2 – 20 Marks
2.Based solely on the information in the case, develop a Data Model for EITHER the Sales OR the Manufacturing part of the MIS including; i.The relationship between data Entities at Global, Regional and Branch/Factory level ii.Description of the Attributes for EACH of the Entities in the model iii.An example of the data content at EACH level illustrating how data is aggregated.

Sales Reporting Structure
Global SalesDirector|
Company GoalsRevenue and ProfitStrategic planningMarket segmentsBusiness growth| Branch Sales Manager|
Customer needsCustomer informationSales OrderSales ValuesStock of inventoryProduct NameProduct CostsProduct LifeProduct CodeEnquiry OrderPayment methodsCredits PaymentSupervising the sales staff responsible| RegionalDirector|

Product AreaProduct QualityGeographic needsProduce TimeWarehouse placedResponsible for over seeing marketingprojects|

Sales are decided for any business to alive. One of the chief responsibilities of the owner or CEO is to ensure that the company has a strong sales team and strong sales process. First, prospecting is simply finding and forming the first contact with a potential client. This is done through leads, personal connections or industry organizations. Global Sales Director setup the company goals, he needs to estimate the revenues and profit in coming years. He/she also setup strategic plan for market segments and business growth. Regional Director needs analysis which product area, Product Quality, Geographic, Produce Time, and Warehouse placed and Responsible for overseeing marketing projects. Because there are very important decision for those item for producing.

Branch Sales Managers Customer needs to know customer information, because if they know customer data, they can use their marketing strategic to sales their products. Sales Order and values can makes branches sales managers to calculate how many products they can sales, supervising the sales staff responsible can make sales target growth up. Branch sales manager also need to know Product name, code, costs, life, because the basic information for products if they did
not know, so that they cannot smooth to train up their staff. Stock of inventory information can help them to make some order to factory manager for production. At last, payment methods and credits payment are also need to know, because it will affect the cash flow of company.

Task 3 – 20Marks
Prepare a Use Case model that describes the functions to be used by a Regional Director; including access to Overall Performance, Sales Performance, Manufacturing Performance and the ability to drill down to individual Product level.

Use Case Diagram for Regional Director
Factory Manager
Factory Manager
Branch Sales Manager
Branch Sales Manager
Sales Performance
Sales Performance
Global Manufacturing Director
Global Manufacturing Director
Regional Director Director
Regional Director Director
Global Sales Director
Global Sales Director
Overall Performance
Overall Performance
Manufacturing Performance
Manufacturing Performance

Over Performance means that all matter on the company, let’s say did we can reach the company goals, revenue and profit, regional director needs to report to Global Sales and Global Manufacturing Directors to know. Sales Performance means that all matter on the sales in the company, e.g. sales profit, sales amount, sales units, marketing strategies, all information are given by Branch Sales Manager, then the Regional Director can reported to Global Sales and Global Manufacturing Directors directly. Manufacturing Performance means that all matter on the manufacturing in the company, e.g. products costs, inventories, factory and warehouse where will place to convenience for produce products for sales. Also, all information is given by Factory Manager and then Regional Director can report to Senior Management directly.

Task 4 – 30Marks
For EACH management level describe and discuss ONE example of a decision made by a manager, information required to support the decision and how the MIS or a related system can provide this information. Your answer should include, for EACH of the THREE levels; i. Description of the decision and how it relates to the company strategy ii. Key information needed to support it

iii. How the information from the MIS or other system provides this information.

Global Sales Director, they need to decide the MagiCo’s coming future profit and revenue, they make management strategic on the management boards, what is the sales target they can meet, how to win their competitors, marketing strategy also needed. Sales reports, Sales figure, Customer needs, these information also needed to analysis which sales strategies can use. Researching current industry trends is another duty for a sales director Global Manufacturing Director, they need to decide the MagiCo’s manufacturing amount in coming future, they need management responsibilities include developing and implementing policies and procedures, formulating manufacturing operations strategies, building and mentoring manufacturing employees and driving business results.

Regional Director provides leadership for those reporting to him. This is done by clearly communicating the mission and goals of an organization to direct reports and creating and applying strategies for those in the region to accomplish them. Regional director is solely responsible for maintains the budget of his region. Approving the spending this includes of those below him as well as promoting management for additional funds when resources are needed. Regional Director typically has direct overall responsibility for revenue and achieving regional goals. They contribute in the development of fiscal budgets, and are responsible for regional profit and loss. Regional Director oversee and are responsible for interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; and providing leadership on a daily basis to employees within their regions.

Branch Sales Manager is in charge of the managers and budget of each store or branch within their districts. They must make sure everyone understands the company’s sales goals and overall mission. They must be highly active and organized, as each branch of their company is likely to have different needs. They must be analysis and skillful problem solvers who understand how to inspire employees. They also need top-notch communication skills with a thorough understanding of marketing.

The factory manager plans production meetings, production activities, worker schedules, machine maintenance schedules and maintains budges and product quality. He may oversee an entire industrial production plant or a department within the plant. Makes sure the product is meeting the level of quality demanded by the customer, and must investigate the root cause if quality is not met and procure a solution. A factory manager must meet and work together with other factory managers for successful production goals and meets with the financial department and vendors and sales agents from other companies to make sure the shipping schedules and receiving schedules are running enough.

Management information system (MIS) is a base on computer system that provides the information necessary to manage an organization effectively. An MIS should be designed to provide an objective system for recording information enhance communication among employees and support the organization’s strategic goals and direction. The following are some of the benefits that can be attained for different types of management information systems. * Companies are able to highlight their strengths and weaknesses due to the presence of revenue reports, employees’ performance record etc. Identify of these aspects can help the company improve their business processes and operations. * Customer data and feedback can help the company to align their business processes according to the needs of the customers. Data can help the company to perform direct marketing and promotion activities. * Information is considered to be an important asset for any company in the modern competitive world. The consumer buying trends and behaviors can be foreseen by the analysis of sales and revenue reports from each operating region of the company. * Giving an overall picture of the company and acting as a communication and planning tools.

Reference and Bibliography

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