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A good website should always be easy to navigate and should open easily and quickly. An interesting website should not be aimed at one age group, and should always differ between teenagers and adults so that everyone would browse on it. A good website would be exciting and their products should always be promoted well by advertising special offers etc. A website which would show of good standard should be

should be colourful and eye catching which would make the person want to look at it again and again. Another thing a good website should always acquire is that the information should be easily found using a search bar. Sizes and colours of the fonts all contribute to a successful website. Flash animations should also be used in order to catch the reader’s attention. In a well successful website the actual information should be very interesting making sure the reader is not getting bored. Keeping the website up to dated also needs to be done in order to keep informing their customers of their latest offers. Home page should be very stylish so that the reader would want to read more. Using hyperlinks in a website should open quickly and easily be accessed and is another good factor which should be included in a good website.

A bad website would be hard to open, and would cause problems to the viewers system therefore they would not feel comfortable in going on to the website. A bad website would use either too bright or too dull colours which might cause the reader to get headaches etc. The navigation would not be fast and the site would process very slowly and would make the person think that they are wasting a lot of time on the website and show them that they are not a very responsible company and can not be trusted.

The British Airways website is very popular as, statistically 2.2 million people view the B.A website every week.

The Navigation bar consists of four options for the readers. Flights and more, Managing my booking, Information and Executive club, these are the four links which allow the person to navigate around the website. The Flights option allow the person to book their flights etc where as the Managing my booking option lets the customers to check in their baggage online, edit contact details, add in frequent flyer information etc. The Information option consists of all the information about the business such as all the information on travel classes making it easier for the customers to decide what class they should fly through, all the available destinations, special assistance or any other help or any queries the customer would want to find about. And the last option which is the Executive Club is for people who are already a member or want to join the Executive Club.

The webpage loads up pretty quickly as it hasn’t got that much heavy animations or anything which is a good thing for the customers as they would not want to be wasting their time and get bored because they would get frustrated and would not wish to surf on the website and book online. The B.A website takes approximately 3-4 seconds to load up which is a really good thing as the customers would be using mainly the website to either book their flights quickly, avoiding the hustle to get into queues which saves a lot of time or to find information such as the financial reports etc for study or research.

The homepage of the British Airways website is rather dull but opens up very quickly. When the main page appears, the reader can see the special offers right in the middle, and on the left there are three types of booking forms, the first one is for flights the second one for booking hotels and the third one for car rental. Although it is very easy to use and a really fast way of booking, the homepage is not that interesting and eye catching so that it could catch the reader’s attention. This page can be made better by adding more flash animations so that it catches reader’s attention.

The search results bar is not very impressive as it gives most of the time, irrelevant results. By including an A-Z index which would include all the sub-headings of the departments or any listings like BBC does on their website.

The colours used in the B.A website are mainly blue and red, which is the same as the logo of the company. This is called co-operate advertising because the company is advertising their brand which is good and helps people to keep the B.A brand colours in their minds, where ever they see it, it would remind them that the colours are similar to British Airways logo. The font size is mainly 12 and the font used mainly in the website is called Verdana. The designer of the website has used different font sizes depending on the purpose for example for heading or sub heading etc.

The good elements about this website are that it really quick, fast, reliable and easy to navigate around the website. Another good thing of this website is that the heading on the homepage is very effective, which says “Welcome to the World” as the B.A’s main activity is to fly people around the world. Another good thing in the website is that on the right side of the homepage it shows the latest news inside the British Airways and outside etc which is really good as it keeps the customers up to date with all the information.

The bad factors about the British Airways is that there are too many gaps around the homepage and as the website is mainly for young and adult audiences the website is really boring and would not make the person go on it again. Making it more interesting and exciting, the company can add more flash animations in order to make it more fascinating, making it look more professional.

In conclusion, I think the website is overall good but can be improved by adding more flash animations in order to attract more viewers and encouraging more people to book online rather than crowding at the airport making it easier for the staff as well.

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