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Milk isn’t just for kids, but for everyone, the new interesting thing I learned from my research is not only cow’s milk is useful for health, but also camel’s milk. The healthy nutrient and dairy products are the benefits of camel milk. Firstly, the researchers show that camel milk has highly nutritional benefits. Camel milk is rich in vitamins which useful for the human needs. The most important factor in camel milk is water content. Camel milk is rich in vitamin C and this is important from the nutritional stand point in areas where fruit and vegetable containing in vitamin C are scarce. The vitamin C levels are three times that of cow milk and one-and-a-half of human milk. Aside from vitamin C, it is known to be rich in vitamins B, unsaturated fatty acids and has 10 times more iron that cow’s milk. So, this stresses the importance of camel milk for human nutrition and renowned for good bone growth.

Moreover, according to the results of a study in Israel found that camel’s milk cures severe food allergies and rehabilitates the immune system in children. It was the proteins in camel’s milk that were most significant in preventing and curing food allergies, which can cause skin rashes, chemical imbalance and asthma symptoms. As well as its high mineral and vitamin content, a scientific research has suggested that antibodies in camel’s milk can help fight diseases like cancer, HIV/Aids, Alzheimer’s and Hepatitis C. It can also have a role in reducing the effects of heart disease and diabetes. Surprisingly, camel milk contains high levels of insulin or and insulin-like protein which appears to be able to pass through the stomach without being destroyed. A study in people with type1 diabetes suggested that drinking almost a half litre of camel milk daily improved blood glucose levels, reducing the need for insulin.

Camel milk can be processed into dairy products such as fermented product or “yoghurt”. It is white and has a sour flavor. Fermented camel milk is high in lactic bacteria, which also found throughout the human body. Fermented products have various names in various parts of the world. In Bulgaria called ‘yoghurt’, in the Caucasus it is called ‘kefir’. Normally, most camel milk is drunk fresh. It has a sweet and sharp taste, but sometimes it is salty. It is drunk widely across the Arab world and is well suited to cheese production. The result was a soft cheese in Mauritania called “Camelbert”. And the other products of camel milk are the low-fat chocolate, flavored milk such as vanilla, pineapple, and chocolate, milk tea and coffee, ice cream, powder milk or even soaps.

From all the data presented it is clear that the camel produces nutritious milk for human consumption. Cow’s milk, goat milk, or even soy milk are old hat. So, why not try camel’s milk for the healthy health.

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