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Camera Essays


Blue's Aint No Mockin Bird

Toni Cade Bambara The puddle had frozen over, and me and Cathy went stompin in it. The twins from next door, Tyrone and Terry, were swingin so high out of sight we forgot we were waitin our turn on the

Enhancement of Monitoring System

The main objective of this system is to enhance the existing monitoring system of the College of Computer Studies to provide more efficient security system for the College. The specific objectives of this project are as follows: To replace the

Surveillance Cameras

The idea of using surveillance cameras came to the limelight in1965 when press reports in U.S suggested that the police use surveillance cameras in public places. This was implemented in1969 and spread to other cities. Closed circuit television (CCTV) system

Comfort Writing – Camera

An idea, a beautiful site, and a camera; are all needed to create mood swings from stressful, overloaded state to comforting one. People opt for wide variety of tasks and activities to relax their minds. Some listen to music, some

Kodak vs. Fujifilm

History and Core Business of Kodak and Fujifilm Eastman Kodak which, is headquartered in Rochester, NY was founded in by George Eastman, who patented photographic film which were stored into a roll in 1884. The first roll film cameras that

Pill Camera

The aim of technology is to make products in a large scale for cheaper prices andincreased quality. The current technologies have attained a part of it, but themanufacturing technology is at macro level. The future lies in manufacturing productright from

Kodak vs Fujifilm

George Eastman was one of the first to demonstrate the great convenience of dry plates to wet plates in 1878, making photography easier for all. Since that time, they have been great innovators in their section of the world, America.

Camera Technology and How It Changed Photography

The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader about camera technology and how it changed photography. Digital photography made it cheaper to develop prints. It also made the costs of mass storage far less then disposable cameras. Digital

The Digital Camera

A film-free camera was patented as early as 1972 by Texas Instruments, but Kodak researcher Steve J. Sasson, built what was to become the first true digital camera in the middle of the 1970s. Weighing over eight pounds, Sasson‘s device

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