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I can easily say that my favorite Canadian fashion designer is Monica Mei. Her diligence with her work in becoming a fashion entrepreneur is truly an inspiration. Aime, the luxury clothing line that Monica began when she graduated from university, is a very creatively unique line that has captured my attention. It was through discovering Aime, that Monica Mei became my favorite Canadian fashion designer. The name Aime comes from the French word for love (Aime, 2010). Learning the meaning and the origin of the name Aime inspired me to be more creative just as Monica has been creative with her clothing line name. When I first perceived the definition, it so excited me because, approximately two years ago in the midst of studying theology, I realized that what I also wanted to study in the future was fashion – design. During that time in my life I felt very, very loved by my family and friends but especially by my father. Feeling so very overwhelmed by such love inspired me to want to name my first clothing line ‘Loved’. My dream is to one day be able to see people feeling loved as they wear my clothing, just as I have experienced love.

Monica’s philosophy of Aime is to love yourself, love others, and love luxury (Aime, 2010). I think it is so important to believe in these three things in the order that they are written. I have learned that before you can love anything else, you must primarily love yourself. I believe this to be true because, in my experience, I have realized that by loving someone else and not loving myself it is as though I am lying to that someone else because I do not love what they love. When we embrace the very unique individuals that we are, we do not only honestly love others but we can also love what we wear each day. It is noticed in our culture that confident people love to dress luxuriously. This is why I can so effortlessly say that it truly delights me that Monica’s philosophy is to love yourself, love others, and love luxury.

Mei is known for receiving many achievements. Firstly, in 2007 she received the very envied Ryerson University-wide Standard Broadcasting Corporation’s $25,000 Business Plan Competition for her very inspiring clothing label, Aime (Aime, 2010). She then won the Ontario Partnership for Innovation and Commercialization competition to further the expansion of her clothing label, Aime, internationally. Finally, the following year Monica worked earnestly to becoming a finalist for the Fashion Design Council of Canada’s Designer Development Fund and she was also known as “The A-list Canadian designer you need to know” by Flare magazine (Newswise, 2011). Every one of these achievements that Monica has been rewarded are proof that she is someone who desires only excellence and greatness in the fashion world.

In conclusion, I find it remarkably exciting that Monica is a Ryerson alumni. It is such an inspiration that it was through your doors that she delved into the fashion industry and has become the very known fashion entrepreneur that she is today (Kearney, 2011). This motivates me to see that this is also very possible for my future. Monica Mei truly is my favourite Canadian fashion designer.

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