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Captivating ambiance of the airport Essay Sample

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Captivating ambiance of the airport Essay Sample

Enveloping the magnanimous crystal glass structure hovering over the passengers is giving ample amount of shade to them outside the airport waiting eagerly to check in. There are taxis and cars honking to make their way through the crowded road. The hustle bustle among people with trolleys makes the place packed in like peas in a pod.

During the noon time of the day when the scorching sun shine is at its brightest and pouring heat in all directions. There is a sudden change in the atmosphere as the automatic gates slide and welcome the travelers with open arms. The ambiance of the airport is chilly casual and captivating. The beads of sweat on their forehead evaporate giving them some relief. The gates serve as a barrier between the family members depicting the separation and a hint of uncertainty on the faces as they bid goodbye to each other.

In addition, there are many counters of various airlines with smartly dressed men and women who are answering the queries of passengers. People considering huge humongous heavy screens displaying the arrival and departure of flights greet us at different spots. The gift shops are well stocked with books, toys, chocolates, and knick-knacks. Sea of people moves across a florist with large varieties of flowers which spread like a colorful blanket. Make it seem flowers 
Wear multi-colored hats, Side by the shop is a boutique with aesthetic interior selling traditional clothes and accessories.

While the passengers are standing in the doorway hear the screeching of the wheels of an airplane which has just landed. People hear voices at short intervals announcing the arrivals, departures or the delay of flights and at times asking the passengers to proceed towards their respective gate for security check. People carrying trolley with the bunch of bags piled up on top of each other and a hoard of bag packs messily aligned on the conveyer belt for the security scan. The airport volunteers label the luggage with stickers and some flight details. As the traveler’s belongings are kept in place again then they move towards the boarding pass gate. It is a busy day. There is a large group of people with their luggage in tow, some standing in a queue before the ticket counters, some proceeding towards different airlines.

Above all, in the long bustling terminal, there is a sense of excitement among the travelers waiting to be flown to their far-flung destination. Their faces are brimmed with happiness. The cacophony of voices intermixes making the airport as noisy as a flock of crows in the migration season. The man in his early thirties with dark brown hair is sitting in an isolated corner weeping quietly as he missed his flight. At another far corner, there is a young man trying to dodge all the people bustling about to make his way through to catch the flight.

There is the scent of jet fuel automobile exhaust and hot tarmac combined to assault the senses with an image of exotic escapes. While waiting to board the flight, some people have their earplugs on and some are busy texting. Women are wearing perfumes of different brands which clashes with the intoxicating and mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked pizza and sandwiches. Children are nagging their mothers to buy them delicious chocolates and tempting ice cream as their eyes are glued to the scrumptious chocolate ice cream I am savoring lick by lick. Glancing out of the widely spread window. I caught a glance of the plane wheels situated on the concrete ground as a baby monkey clings to its mother.

Nearby, a little boy with chestnut locks and humongous sparkling emerald eyes is staring at a magnificent private jet and his mother throwing luggage on the stand chaotically arranged. Families rushing to the eating area maniacally like a herd of elephants. Hundreds of shops, café and newsagents covered the airport; obsessive travelers acquiring charming souvenirs filled the distance. Colossal groups of siblings pushed into the crowds excitedly. The vigorous odor of coffee and tasty tea tickling their nose buds. Women dressed in business suits with small black cases and laptops set up at the tables indulging in their extravagant enjoyable enough breakfast in the coffee shop. In the waiting lounge, angry red sharp faces are sitting impatiently to board their delayed flights.

Gradually, the brawl and chatter subsided as if the roaring sea became a calm stillness. As the time came near, people started moving toward their respective number gates walking on to the bridge paving the way to board the flight portraying the bridge as an umbilical cord which connects a mother to its child. Everyone settled on their seats, buckled their seatbelts and the flight ready to take off as we embarked on a beautiful journey.

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