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Car investigation portfolio Essay Sample

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Car investigation portfolio Essay Sample

Newton’s law of motion explains that every object will remain motionless, in a straight line until it is forced to change by an external force. Newton said that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action. ” The police use Newtons law to figure out how far a car has been forced to move, when involved in a collision. This also helps to find out if the passengers were wearing their seatbelts. Conservation of momentum is known to be one of the most powerful laws in physics and states that the momentum between object one and object two before the crash, will be the whole momentum after the crash.

The police can find out the momentum between the vehicles to reconstruct the crime scene to find out what happened. The conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be made or destroyed it remains constant in any form of isolated system. They find out if the accident was preventable. Also, because energy cannot change the specialist can determine the speed of the vehicles. Coefficient of friction between road surface and tyres states that driving on the road while it is wet means that it will be more dangerous. The police can use this to determine if the road was the cause of the accident.

right129032000The effect of impact on vehicles, pedestrians and property. Vehicles are manufactured to be able to deal with impact, depending on the force of impact this doesn’t always work. Pedestrians are in the most danger since they don’t have the same amount of force therefore very likely to get hurt or killed depending on the speed of the vehicle. Property can be damaged, though the vehicle can also be badly affected Other Factors Drivers reaction time is another factor to car accidents, depending on how fast the driver reacts.

Reaction time can be changed depending on age, sleep deprivation and multi-tasking. Age affects reaction times due to muscle development becoming slower. Sleep deprivation lowers the reaction time of the person since their body function changes. Multi-tasking affects reaction times as you are not concentrating on the road therefore you could have an accident. weather conditions such as ice or fog, road design and the maintenance of the roads, signs or signals, view obstructions and the glare from the sun, theses can all contribute to the environmental factors that cause accidents.

Alcohol and drugs affect driving due to slowing down a person’s reaction time considerably. When a driver consumes alcohol, many of the skills required for safe driving – such as judgment, concentration and their coordination – become impaired. Police techniques Documentation is used at a crime scene in chronological order to help the investigation there should be no opinions or analysis there should only be fact. The police officer should right what he see’s not what he thinks has happened. Thee are five categorises when writing documentation, they are: summary, scene, processing, evidence collected, and pending.

Crime Reconstruction can be used with the help of the scientific factors, if the specialist can find out what speed the vehicles were going at and the distance of which the car has moved, they can recreate the accident. Finding out the order of events can be important. Vehicle damage will help the investigation as they can find out the speed that the incoming vehicle hit them with, how far the vehicle has moved. They can also find out if it was a problem with the car that force the accident for example if the breaks were not working properly.

Road marks and their measurements can be used as a car leaves tier marks as the car and road create friction depending on how dark the marks are and how long they can be, means the police can use equations to work out the speed and distance they moved. The vehicle and human rest positions can determine the cause of the incident and the way they were forced to move. For example, if a person if laying on the road it means they haven’t wore a seatbelt. Also, the area can be conclusive to the investigation for example if the car is near a pub then it is likely that the driver could be drunk.

Evaluation Using scientific factors to help investigate road traffic accidents can be helpful towards finding out how the event has accrued and to make sure the right person is sent to justice. However, science is only for those with a mind capable of retraining boring subject matter. Therefore, only those with the knowledge of both math’s and science can really understand the equations needed. I would say that yes using science is a great and makes life for the police easier but if someone without the knowledge tries it could ruin the investigation.

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