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How might understanding the client’s past decision making experiences inform your work as a career counselor? Why? Based on the presentation provide by Dr. Warren, it is fundamental to address the client’s background to fully understand where the client developed their decision making skills and how their environment influenced the paths they have chosen. In the interview, we learned Erika’s parents worked hard to achieve the education and lifestyle they had and instilled these values in Erika and her brother. In turn, Erika’s choices in college and her current career derived from the experiences she had as she developed into adulthood. By having a better foundation of how the client makes a decision and where the decision comes from will provide the counselor with added resources to better aid the client in their request for assistance.

If we found that the client was making poor choice in regards to their career path then it would be imperative to find the root to the issue which may have stemmed from some elements they were exposed to in their past. Knowing a client’s race, religion, socioeconomic status ect.,can help identify some of the decisions and choices being made by the client because some of the same characteristics are sometimes common across the board. As counselors immerse themselves in multiple scenarios and diverse situations knowing the past experiences of a client will allow them to approach the sessions with a define plan.

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