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As I continue to fulfill my journey to gain knowledgeable information to enhance my career plan, this class has provided me with several management ideas and helped me see another side of management practices I was not aware of before. While there are many resources available to help me become more knowledgeable in the management field, I am inquiring with my organization to see if they can provide me with on the job training so I can learn processes and business tools hands on. This class covered many management topics; from who managers are to what they do to aid in organizational success. I was a manager for many years and there are a lot of things I learned in this class that I never practiced before, for example the strategic management process being so important to the success of an organization. If the organization wants to succeed and be profitable, the process of a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis will assist with the doubt managers may face when goals are not met and/or the company is losing value. As a past manager, I did not have this knowledge, nor did I know about the company’s mission and vision.

This course has helped me see a different side of management responsibilities and where I once thought I would succeed in being a manager anywhere, I would not because I have had no training or education with the business part of the organization; I was a manager who coordinated departments and provided tools to help my staff succeed in their daily job tasks. Being employed in a healthcare setting I believe this class opened my eyes to organizational concerns I see my current organization will be facing in the future; from unethical and immoral practices to possible organizational restructure to correct the unethical and immoral practices from middle management. I see a process of decentralization in the company because stakeholders who work within the facilities are making decisions on their own while those they are supposed to communicate and report to are not available, nor are they supervising effectively.

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