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Career Goal Objectives:
My Career Goal is to become a Medical Assistant and help cure others that need help. I know that there are many obstacles in the way of achieving my goal. Also, I want to join the military.

Objective 1:
My first objective is to join the military and further my career. Also, they will give me the advanced training and advanced technology that will help me further my career. When I retire from the military, I will also have a job. More businesses will hire applicants if they advanced training or where in the military. Barrier:

One barrier is that I won’t pass any of the tests that will qualify you to get into the military. Solution 1:
I will need to get into the best of shape and study for the entry test to get into the military.

Objective 2:
My second objective is to travel the world with my career in hand. By traveling, I will learn more in other countries and possibly find a cure for cancer. Also, I will learn more about their cultures and how they live.

The barrier in my way is not having the money to travel or the possibility of getting sick before. Solution:

Academic Goals Objective:
For my academic goal is to graduate college and possibly make it to the deans or presidents list, I will need to do my best and not slack in my class. Objective 1:
My first objective is to graduate college with an associate degree. I want to be all that I can to help anybody and everybody. I will need to find a job in this career field to help me understand and explorer more possible jobs.

One barrier in the way of reaching for my goal is falling behind in class, or not being on task. Solution 1:
A solution to this barrier is to ask for extra help or time (if that is ok with the teacher or boss). By asking I am showing the incentive to succeed.

Objective 2:
My second goal is to get my bachelor’s degree or even a masters if they offer it, but if not I will go for an degree for RN. I think it’s the same field, but if not I am willing it to learn something new.


A barrier in my way is not having the funds to go back or having time to go back to school.

The solution to the problem is to make time for school and make sure that I have the funds to go back .

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