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Introduction of TOPIC

I have a few important goals pertaining to my future profession as a nurse along with some goals involving my personal life that will be a part of my daily life. My one year goals will carry on and develop into my five year goals. Proper resources are essential to make my goals successful.

My one year goals are going to revolve mainly on my career. A goal I have is to complete my nursing academic year at Gannon by May 2013 graduating with a BSN nursing degree and with a GPA of at least 3.5 for this year. I will achieve this best by studying consistently, turning my projects in on time, attending classes daily, doing 10 NCLEX questions a day and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Another goal I have is to pass my NCLEX boards the first time I take them, by the first week in June 2013. I will do this by reviewing NCLEX questions from my NCLEX books and also online questions. I have an account on PREPU so I will take questions in all the different categories to review what I have learned the four years I was in school. I also plan on taking some sort of review/refresh course for it. The last huge goal I ha

ve is to obtain a nursing career in the Pittsburgh area starting on a Med-Surge floor. I will obtain

this goal by having a well-developed resume, cover letter, and accurately filled out application. I also will practice on my skills needed in an interview and dress appropriately for them. It’s important to review information about the company to show that obtaining this job is important to you and you care about them specifically.

My five year goals focus on taking my career to the next stage and starting a new chapter in my life. A goal I have is to obtain a nursing career in the mental health field, preferably in North Carolina. I will do this by researching the best places to live in North Carolina and seeing if there are some local hospitals close to those places. After I find the perfect place, I will see if there is a particular hospital that has a good mental health floor. I will renew my resume and cover letter to show them the experience I have gained. I plan on getting married between the ages of 24-27 which is about 3 to 6 years from now. I will do this by being financially stable, paying off most of my loans first, and making sure that my husband fits in my life well and can handle having me work as a nurse. Of course there is a lot of planning that is involved when it comes to a wedding but I will make sure I give myself an efficient amount of time (1-2yrs) to plan it accordingly. I eventually want to get my NP, probably closer to the end of the five year plan when I’m more established and experienced. I will do this by trying to find a place of work that will help me pay for graduate school while working there. I will only go to graduate school part time so it may take longer than if I just went right through it, but I will be able to obtain a good income while continuing my education. I hope to successfully achieve these goals by staying focused and determined no matter what obstacles come my way.

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