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Career Research: Graphic Designer Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

I have known for quite a while a general idea of what I wanted to do but it wasn’t until my freshman year that I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to do something with computers and owning my own business but after taking graphic design I knew I found my passion. Being a graphic designer requires a good knowledge of the subject, but being an entrepreneur graphic designer means even more work. I would love to move somewhere warmer. I would like too own a t-shirt shop where I make all of the designs.

I would make a website for it and sell things on there as well. I would do logos and other websites on the side for extra money. I would have a lot of responsibilities, because I would own my own business. My responsibilities would include, all of the accounting, keeping track of stock, making time to make new designs, and keeping track of my workers. The characteristics I think are Important for this job are being interested in computers, willing to learn more about them, time management, having time and having a eye for it. I believe that I possess all of these things.

I have the right personality for both graphic design and entreprenuing. I think I would be a good entrepreneur because I have grown up around it, I have done the books for my mom for the past 5 years, I have seen hard months where we are barely getting by and I have seen months where they have enough money for a few months. I think those experiences are very important to my future career because I have seen them and I know how to react. I

think that graphic design is an old but at the same time is an upcoming thing. I have tons of traits

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that I think are god for that job. I am a huge perfectionist, each project takes me a long time because everything has to be perfect, and though it may be good for the customer it’s not always good for me. I would defiantly need to go to college for this. I would either major in in graphic design and minor in entrepreneurial studies or double major. But either way I could be going to college.

As for high school classes, any art classes are great! But for college my classes would be more specific to graphic design and entreprenuing. There is many colleges that have graphic design programs and entrepreneurial studies programs. I would like to go somewhere, on a coast, not in Montana if I can help it. At first my work will most likely be a 9-5 for someone else but after saving money I would like to start my own business. Start it little at first and end up with a shop of some sort. When I own my own business my hours will be long but that is expected, my work environment would hopefully be simple, comfortable and even moveable.

So that I could have the option of working from home or going to a coffee shop or even go on trips. I would love to travel, my work could get very stressful but only if I’m not managing my time. My wages would differ from the standards because I want to own my business. On the national average people earn $21.16 per hour and $44,040 yearly. I would not get paid vacation, sick or leave but I would get to set my own hours and that would take of the days I needed to or work from home.

This occupation has the potential to provide enough money for a living but it will depend on the month. For this career I could do many things, but owning a business is what I’m hoping for. If I needed to I could work for many different places, newspapers, website designers or even big design companies. I think this career is right for me because it is something I love to do and it is also something that is a good thing for this time period. In think it fits my personality, interests and values extremely well. I believe that this is the career for me and I think it is a very achievable goal.

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