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There are numerous opportunities for management careers within the lodging and food and beverages industry such as, the Front Office Manager, Hotel Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, and the General Manager. The Front Office Manager is responsible for overseeing all front office operations to insure profitability, control costs and quality standards ensuring total guest satisfaction. This position is a very highly visible leadership position that has learned and mastered the company standards and also ensures that the guest satisfaction survey results are above brand and customer’s relations and recovery are strong and immediate. Also this position requires daily interaction with guest service associates and other key personnel to consistently deliver impeccable services. The hotel manager will hire, train, develop, empower, coach and counsel, perform performance reviews, handle guest issues and correspondence as well as encourage latitude for innovative ideas to enhance customer service and customer retention and sales. The Front Office Manager will motivate their associates so a superior level of quality service and hospitality is provided to the hotel customers and ensure an optimal level of guest satisfaction and repeat business is achieved by responding to guest’s special requests, needs, problems, issues and concerns.

This part of management will supervise the Front Desk Clerks, interview, schedule, train, develop, empower, coach and counsel, recommend performance reviews, resolve problems, provide open communication and recommend discipline, as appropriate. They will also perform special projects and other responsibilities as assigned and participate in task forces and committees as needed. This makes the Front Office Manager an essential part of making the guest experience pleasurable as well as all needs being met from the time they enter the hotel until the time they check out of the hotel. The Hotel Manager works with all management staff and the marketing and operational departments to develop and produce an outstanding hotel experience. They are also responsible for the overall operating performance, guest satisfaction, and financial results for the property. The Hotel Manager Plans, organizes, directs and coordinates the operations of all Rooms Division, Retail, Engineering, Catering and Conference Management, Third Party Vendors and Food and Beverage departments in accordance with the standards and guidelines of the hotel as well as corporate budgetary and profit guidelines.

He/She works closely with Managing Director, Director of Finance, Director of Sales and Marketing, and the Director of Human Resources to develop annual hotel goals and action plans; also they work with the hotel department managers and their department heads to establish goals and objectives that coordinate with the overall hotel wide goals and objectives. The Hotel Manager will coordinate the operations and activities of the above departments to ensure synergy within the resort to reach financial performance and guest satisfaction objectives. They evaluate the changes in guest needs, the hotel’s guest mix, also industry and competitive trends to recommend appropriate product, services, and operational changes to be made to ensure guest and employee satisfaction, and to maintain market dominance and exceptional financial returns. He/She will assist the Managing Director in the development of annual hotel operating budget with the involvement of Director of Finance, and Sales and Marketing Director.

The Hotel Manager is the lead in making sure the hotel has hired qualified personnel that put the guest as well we as the employees satisfaction and well being first. The Food and Beverages Manager also known as the Food and Beverages director responsibilities consist of having leadership skills to manage other employees and communication skills to work with other members of the management team. A passion for cuisine and spirits coupled with years of experience in the hospitality industry makes for the background of a successful food and beverage director. They are also in charge of purchasing, or overseeing the purchasing with the chef and sommelier, all the ingredients necessary to create the menu items and all the wine and spirits the hotel serves. As the director of the hotel’s food and beverage program, this position generally requires hiring of new employees, terminating employees when needed, and overseeing the training program to ensure the staff in the dining room and those serving room service are following the hotel’s style of service.

Although most hotels employ a general and assistant manager of the dining room and room services division, as the director you may be called upon to smooth out situations when a hotel guest or guest of the restaurant is unsatisfied with the level of service or the food. However, the director also may receive guest compliments of the food or service of an employee. As the director, it’s essential to keep up the morale of the food and beverage team, including, servers, busboys, hostesses and room service attendants. One way of doing this is by letting the employees know when a job has been done well. There are specific city and state regulations the food and beverage director must be aware of concerning health codes and rules that specifically pertain to a place where food and beverage is served. The director has to be aware of these regulations and implement the proper procedures to ensure the staff of the hotel is following them. This job duty is especially important because health code violations can shut down the hotel’s dining room or room service operations and could get hotel guests ill. The food and beverage director must also interact with the marketing or public relations team.

As the person in charge of the entire food and beverage program at the hotel, the director may be called upon to provide quotes to a journalist writing a story, or come up with inventive ways to bring in more guests such as special promotions, guest chefs or wine programs. The Food and Beverage Manager/Director plays an important role and it is usually never known because they work behind the scenes, and they never get the recognition they deserve for the job they do for the company. The General Manager manages all sources of revenue including the rooms, housekeeping, food and beverage, engineering, and other departments. Also ensures all departments are profitable and maintain strong working relationships as well as performs duties of a Sales and Marketing manager including making marketing calls, attending community business functions, working with travel agents and direct bill accounts, and coordinating sales promotions. He/ She Orders supplies and equipment as needed and in accordance to company procedures and ensures staff received proper training for each position, including safety training and standard operating procedures.

The General Manager inspects guests’ rooms, public access areas, and outside grounds for cleanliness and appearance that adheres to all franchise and company procedures and regulations as well as standard operating procedures. They will also ensure bank deposits are made daily, including weekends and holidays, as well as promote the hotel’s policies and philosophies to employees and guests through direct and indirect interaction. The General Manager also allocates funds, authorizes expenditures and assists Area Director in budget planning, and produces monthly financial reports and knows at all times where the hotel stands against their budget. He/She manages human resources functions of the hotel by controlling turnover, motivating employees, focusing on employee development and retention and conducting regular employee meetings. The GM will also protect the hotel and its assets through enforcing and maintaining a preventative maintenance program as well as respond quickly to guest requests in a friendly manner and professional manner also they follow up to ensure guest satisfaction has been met.

He/She will always provide a professional image at all times through appearance and dress. The General Managed ensures hotel is in compliance with all federal, state and local laws, including OSHA, EEOC, Wage Hour and Health laws. All of the managers play important roles in making the business flow smoothly and in standards with the many guild lines and stipulations for each state and hotel. The difference between the two is that the food and beverages director focuses on the overall food aspect of the business and the general manager is in charge of the overall satisfaction and well being of all guest and employees whether within the hotel or the restaurant. Also the food and beverage director communicates all the needs and problems that that they may have to the General Manager. Recruiting and retaining capable employees is a complex aspect of any company.

There are many different ways to tackle this issue. The most important part of any company is its employees. Without the right employees, a company will find it difficult to achieve its goals. This process is one that should be well planned and organized to achieve the results desired. A company must be committed to spending a considerable amount of time and resources in recruiting and selecting new employees. There must be a plan for each job opening that lays out exactly what type of employee is desired. The candidates for the job opening should be chosen based on how well their skills match the skills desired for the job. A company’s work environment and culture should also be considered when making a new hire. This is often easier said than done due to the short amount of face time usually available in the interview process. It is important to make the interview a comfortable experience for the applicant so that their true personality can be visible. While all the aspects provide a very unique part in running the business it takes all of them to work together to have a smooth running and profitable company.


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