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Purpose: Use this worksheet to document and reflect on Step Two (Explore Occupations) of the TypeFocus assessment. Items with a blue asterisk require completion (*).

Prepare: Before beginning the worksheet, revisit the results of last week’s assessments and explore related career opportunities. Note: If you have not completed last week’s assessment, please revisit the Week Three assignment and follow the instructions to complete Step One. Access the assessment for this assignment from your Ashford University Student Portal by following the steps below.

Re-enter your student portal and click on the My Career: Career and Professional Development Center under Career Services. On the top center of the screen, click on Resources. On the left side of the screen under Self-Discovery, click on Career Self-Assessments You will see a description of each assessment. Click on the TypeFocus link. Clicking this link will open up the TypeFocus website in a new window. Click on the box that says Returning Users, Login!

Enter your email address and password. (If you want to change your name or password, login and then click into My Account) Click Submit.
Click the SECOND step labeled EXPLORE OCCUPATIONS, located in the green box on the left. Click Assessment results and select COMBINE RESULTS.
Select all three assessments (Personality, Interests, Values) and then select CONTINUE at the bottom. Explore any of the “EDUCATION NEEDED” tabs.
Explore some of the other tabs in order to gain understanding of the careers that your Type tends to go into and career exploration resources. Logout using the Logout button at the top right of the page.

Write: Now that you have explored Step Two of the TypeFocus, please use this
information to complete the information below:

Identify your major and the specific career field you are currently aiming to pursue upon completion of your degree at Ashford University. My major is Business Information Systems. The career that I am currently aiming to pursue is something in the computer field. More of the Technical side, and installation. Possibly a manger in the Data Tech world. (Provide your response below in 3-4 sentences.)

In the table, list the top three careers or career areas (industries) that the TypeFocus indicated fit your interests. Choose careers that have as many checkmarks as possible. Note that they are listed in alphabetical order, so you will need to scroll down to review all possible careers.

Career/Career Area 1*
Career/Career Area 2*
Career/Career Area 3*
Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts
Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers, Except Line Installers Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Installers and Repairers

Keeping in mind the areas of interest, personality, and values as indicated by the TypeFocus and your current desired career goals, select an occupation listed in the United States Bureau of Labor (http://w HYPERLINK “”w HYPERLINK “” and complete the following,:

Summarize the requirements for the career (such as “What they Do” and “How to Become One”). This job is from the Telecom Industry. They go out to a commercial or a residential property and do istallation on cable television or digital telephone services. You can become one of these by doing moderate-term to some on the job training. Some jobs may send the employee to training sessons to learn about new equiptment. You can also have a post secondary education in electronics. (Write your response in five to seven sentences below.)

Describe how your current (or past) work or personal experience, skills, education, certifications, etc. match the qualifications for this career and explain how this description can help shape your career planning process. Some years ago I worked in the cable industry, and that lead me to wanting to persue my career in the Networking field. My experice ended up being working with computers getting them connected with the internet. This desicion to stay in this field of study was my own because I loved the freedom from your boss and sometimes making your own schedule. It helped me plan for my future and lead me up to making my desicion to what I wanted to become after I graduated. (Write your response in five to seven sentences below.)

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