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So far as the first guns use is concerned these were cannons. These were used to defend cities. Guns have not been invented for the purpose of steal from a bank, or for attack someone. These have also been not invented for criminals or by people looking for a way to murder or intimidate. The survey shows legal guns actually discourage crime and violence. No doubt the authorization of concealed weapons in school campus for the purpose of self-protection has decreased the number of gun related crimes such as murder, rape etc. There are various reasons to carry concealed guns in school campus but some are most important. These are used to save student lives, their respects and to save their rights. But a negative view point is if someone has made a plan to murder, mug, or rape an innocent person, gun laws will not stop that person.

The gun law facilitates and gives the right of person to protect him from these criminals. But the thing is, we cannot go back in time when the criminal killed the person. Now what can we do to get that person back? We could not have gun at that time because it was not allowed but I will say that it should be legally allowed. So in this way criminals will obtain them easier and faster to spread fear. The important thing the banning guns will have no effect on the reduction of violent crime, but can increase occurrences of gun crimes. This is due to the fact that civilians would no longer be able to defend themselves effectively. Conclusion

The conclusion is that there must be trainings to use weapons and legally issued licenses to the people so that they can save themselves because concealment laws lessen the amount of accidental gun deaths. Second Essay

What can you do to feel safe around guns in America? Support with three ideas. Introduction
Weapons laws about their usage lessen the amount of accidental gun deaths. The reason for this is that in order to obtain a licensed weapon, citizens must first take a class on gun safety, and learn the lawfulness concerning the use of fatal force. Due to this teaching fewer accidents will occur. More Americans support gun rights, even as fewer Americans own guns. There are three important things perspective to guns usage which is found in Americans. They are legally allowed to use these weapons. They have their licenses which have been issued for their self-protection. They are more responsible with the use of guns. To attend learning classes for safety and laws show their responsibilities toward to make the nation peaceful.

Many Americans hold false ideas about the occurrence of crime and they have their own view points about the gun ownership for self-defense. The laws have been passed by forty four states for allowing gun owners to carry concealed weapons outside their homes for personal protection. The Americans learned about gun control and they know the firearms and their consequences are so general in society. But the other angle of this issue is that each day newspapers in major cities report injuries and deaths from guns and show photographs of their grieving families, movie advertisements that show plenty of bloodshed by guns and though characters. So these and other such things will effect negatively. So the private gun ownership is the best way to stop crime. The other important thing is that the gun ownership is necessary for self-protection. There are a lot of stories of how people have used guns to save their loved ones in armed conflicts. Conclusion

The conclusion is we will remain safe if we use these weapons within limits, according to set rules and after taking learning class.

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