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During this assignment, I noticed that Sana was very sociable. Sana would always seem to talk up a storm with her students, whether about daily life or drama. Her voice would change depending on who she was talking to and what she was saying. When speaking to someone who took the time to ask how she was, her voice warm and high pitched. She would tend to walk around the room a couple of minutes after class had started and I noticed she would always try to talk to everyone.

Speaking of walking around the room, I also noticed Sana always had to do something or move around. This I can say for a fact because she would only sit at her desk for about a few minutes, then got up again. Sometimes, Sana would just even leave the room (one day she asked me to take back the chromebooks to the library and as I was walking back to the classroom, I caught her roaming the halls, walking in a slow manner).

When Sana would sit at her desk, she would be watching videos (not sure what), or reading emails. However, sometimes, during the days I observed her when she would be reading an email, her brows would furrow, then carry on with a stoic expression, the same blank expression would show when she would check her phone. The class that I was in while observing Sana, had rowdy, loud, freshman boys, (along with some sophomores), who would tend to always be off topic and mess and throw around supplies

(rulers, erasers, chalk). This information I feel is important to say because I feel like it

is a factor for the reason why Sana yells in class. Sana, although being a nice and sociable person, she always can get irritated quickly with the class. Besides wandering around, Sana would help her students. Sometimes, she would draw over people’s paper with a red pen, and while she thought it was helpful, a lot of the student’s comments after she left would be, “Great, now I have to start over.”. Another observation I obtained while Sana would help people is she would purse her lips while looking at people’s work. This body language I feel is because she is either deciding and evaluating what to say next, or is holding back what she actually wants to say. However, I feel it is more of evaluating what to say next because, most of the time, her remarks were pleasant and helpful.

For the most part, Sana would have a routine, talk, roam around, and look at emails on her computer; her clothes would resemble this as well. I would spot her clothing to always consist of some sweater material, with khakis pants (along with some paint on both). Although, on the second day I was observing her, she asked the class to gather around her desk. When all the students gathered around, she pulled out a red solo cup and asked everyone to look inside. We found a slimy, yellow-green contact. Sana told us the story behind the contact and said that she fell asleep with it in, it got stuck in her eye and turned that color while she was sleeping. I can conclude from this information that she is very open about her life with her students.

This stranger project was an eye opener for me. I did not know how much you could learn from a person just by observing his or her actions. Usually, we just hit the surface, looking at the verbal cues and not opening the possibilities for nonverbal cues. The pros and cons of doing naturalistic observation is how it doesn’t allow firm conclusions about cause and effect and the observations can be biased. However, this type of observation is obviously, natural, meaning that it does not create the Hawthorne Effect because the subject is acting how they act in their natural state. Sana, I feel like she honestly cares about her students and wants an open, friendly relationships within the classroom, which boosts productivity and a safe place for students to be.

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