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1. What business and social problems does data center power consumption cause? a. Elecricty consumption doubled, more servers, more emission of carbon footprints. Very high cost for cooling data centers. Some materials used are environmentally. 2. What solution are available for these problems?, Which are environment-friendly? a. limitations on how much power and condensed water a tenant can consume. If the data center requires an unusually high amount of power

of power and hence cooling, this requirement limits what is available for the remainder of the space. Replace of copper wiring to light pulses on cicroprocessors. Use hydroelectiec power as a source of electricity. Most friendly solution is to use thin comutors because both resuce opower consumption.

3. What are the business benefits and cost of these solutions? a. Marjority of these solutions reduces the consumption of electricity because data servers are utilixed to its full capacity therefore operating cost on data s4vers are reduced also. 4. Should firms move toward green computing?

a. All firms should make some efforts in order to have control over their outsourcing model of their It infrastrure. MIS in Action

1. Use of computers and related resources. Such practices include the implementation of energy-efficient central processing units (CPUs), servers and peripherals as well as reduced resource consumption and proper disposal of electronic waste (e-waste. to reduce the impact on the environment and reduce resources consumption that may be detrimental to the environment by using more efficient hardware and better software. 2. . IBM, HP, and Dell, Some of the major corporations leading the green computing initiative are the same major players in other computing venues: IBM, HP, and Dell. Other major corporations who are going green as a way to save money on power consumption include most Wall Street firms (since they use a tremendous amount of power in their data centres), banks like Wells Fargo, and

Evironmental Advocacy Groups. One of the spin-offs of green computing is EPEAT or Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool. EPEAT products serve to increase the efficiency and life of computing products. Moreover, these products are designed to minimize energy expenditures, minimize maintenance activities throughout the life of the product and allow the re-use or recycling of some materials. This group applies and uses green computing philosophies mainly to save up on costs rather than save the environment.

This green computing concept emerged naturally as businesses find themselves under pressure to maximize resources in order to compete effectively in the market. This movement arose mainly from economic sentiments rather than political pressure. 3. The overall trends in green computing for 2008 are to build more energy-efficient facilities, dynamically shape active resources to the workload and achieve greater performance per watt of energy used. Many technologies are converging on the energy-efficiency issue, and 2008 should see significant gains. This impact to the future generation with more energy-efficient to reduce the unnecessary energy and cost more money. 4. .

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