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Emotional and behavior disorders are not uncommon when dealing with children. Many children suffer from this disorder, unfortunately they are not always diagnosed correctly. Many think that the behavior is normal as children develop and grow. One would have to be very keen in the observation of the behavior of a child. There are many factors that contribute to this disorder. Biological, family, and school all play a major role in EBD. Although these factors cause EBD, there are ways to mitigate the problems. Biological is one of the factors that cause EBD and this refers to how a child is made up genetically. A child can be born into a family that has a history of EBD. This increases ones chances in getting EBD as opposed to someone who doesn’t have it in their family. A child can also be born with a chemical imbalance that has many effects which include EBD.

A chemical imbalance involves the imbalance serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine neurotransmitters, and acetylcholine in the body. An imbalance also includes low levels of potassium, zinc and magnesium. Genetics play a major role in may disorders that a child has. Lesch-Nyhan syndrome and Down syndrome are two emotional and behavioral disorders that are linked genetically. Both disorders can take its toll on a person ad can cause them to deteriorate emotionally and physically. According to many studies, prenatal exposure to drugs and emotion behavior disorder have some type of relationship. Over half of students in an early childhood program were exposed to drugs. The students were identified as having EBD in kindergarten. It’s always a plus knowing that biological reasons cause the disorder because this allows one to use medication for the condition. The more biological causes discovered by researchers, the more treatments will become available.

Family also is a cause of EBD and it can affect a child at an early age. A child who is being raised by a family who fails to sow the child psychological and emotional support can result in the child having an emotional and behavioral disorder. If there is violence and abuse in a family and the child is Running Head

witnessing this activity, the child may develop EBD. A child being exposed to the loss of a parents, sexual abuse, insults, domestic violence and poverty can lead to the child developing depression as well as anxiety disorders. A family can also lead to poor academic performance, poor social skills, and also result in a child being a juvenile delinquent. Child counselors are able to help some children through different types of therapies and medications. There are many different types of medications that offer temporary relief and they include Buspirone, Litihium, Bupropion and Fluoxetine. The most effective treatment is for the child to continuously go to therapy to change the negative behavior patterns. Although some traumas such as a loss of a parent or an accident can’t be prevented, children should not have to experience violence, abuse and insults within their family because a family is supposed to make a child feel safe.

School factors have been known to cause emotional behavior disorders. Bullying is a major factor that has been linked to EBD especially when school official are not preventing it from taking place. This can cause low self-esteem. The child feels as if they are not worthy and they also feel guilty. As a result the child loses interest in school, school activities, develops insomnia and loses his or her appetite. If these issues are not rectified early, a child can grow up and have major problems. They may have an adulthood that may lead to crime, they may become anti social or they may be on the verge of suicide. In order to prevent these things from happening, one must bring attention to the way the school is operated.

Teachers have always had a big influence on students. The expectations that teachers have on a student can affect the way teachers ask questions as well as the feedback given. A teacher that has poor classroom management skills may unintentionally create an unpleasant environment for students. This will result in the students becoming agitated, aggressive, and they may also suffer from withdrawals. A Running Head

teacher who has good classroom management skills can choose highly effective interventions to help target a specific behavior. An effective teacher can result in positive results from students and an ineffective teacher can result in negative results. These factors can be mitigated in many different ways. A child getting their check-ups on a regular basis is one way of solving this. Doctors as well as other practitioners in the medical field are trained to treat EBD as well as diagnose it. The behavior of these children seem normal to some people while trained professionals can notice the difference in a child acting out and a child with an emotional disorder. A child getting treatment early in life will help them to grow normal like other children.

This can also be prevented if a child experiences love, security and support while he or she is going through the developmental stages. This will help the child to build confidence and it will also help their mental development. Parents and teachers are responsible for keeping a child safe. This means keeping them safe from abuse, bullies and any other factor that may result in a behavioral disorder. Schools can also take the proper steps in making sure that all the needs of EBD students are met. This allows the students with these disorders to feel normal and have a normal education.

Emotional Behavioral Disorders are very common in young children. These children suffer because they are not diagnosed correctly. It benefits a child if they are diagnosed early instead of later on in life. Not being correctly diagnosed affects their adulthood development. There are many factors that contribute to an emotional behavioral disorder. Biological, family, school and culture are the cause of EBD. The normal development in these children are affected and they hinder the student from reaching their highest potential. This is a major problem but with the use of the interventions that target a specific behavior, these problems can be mitigated. An early intervention, medical attention, schools fulfilling the needs of all students with disorders as well as addressing bullying, ineffective teachers, etc. Teachers as well as parents need to understand that EBD is a very important disability that affects the Running Head

development of children and they need to do all that they can to make sure that a child is properly diagnosed early in their childhood. This is an important factor and a proper as well as improper diagnosis can affect a child for the rest of his or her life.

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