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Catholic Essays

Surrender and Regrant

English Interventions in Ireland             After the conquest of England by the Normans during the latter part of the 12th century, English monarchs turned their eyes to the island west of Britain. As early as 10 years after the Norman

Role as Catholics in Respecting Intellectual Property

            Property, as defined by Lectric Law Library, is “not only money and other tangible things of value, but also includes any intangible right considered as a source or element of income or wealth.” As such, intangible assets may include

The Catholic Monarchs: Isabel and Fernando

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel are considered one of the most triumphant and victorious leaders in all of history and one of the most successful of the Catholic Monarchs.   Their might and power also stemmed from the fact that they

Catholic Social Teaching

In this paper, it is expected that a thorough review on the pastoral letter on Catholic Social Teaching and the U. S. Economy as issued by the National Conference on Catholic Bishops will be presented. It will involve an examination

The Catholic Catechism

Universality of Catholicism. Literally, the word “Catholic” (Greek, katholike) means “general” or “universal.” The title was first used in A.D.. 107, by St. Ignatius of Antioch in his letter to the Smyrneans, “Where Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic

The Importance of Holy Week for Catholics

Holy Week is the week in the catholic liturgical calendar before Easter Sunday. It begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Holy Saturday. During Holy Week Catholics remember the last week of the life of Jesus. It gives them an

The Benedictine's Effect on the Catholic Church

Moral, spiritual and prosperity guidance was brought to many people through the Benedictine Rule and Order. The Benedictine Rule may have seemed harsh; however for the Catholic Church, it created many architectural achievements, agricultural prosperity, emergence of schools and universities

Debate Case Study

Life sustaining treatments should be continued for patients in persistent vegetative states. All life is sacred and worthy of preservation, no matter what the condition is. There is currently no evidence that supports patients in persistent vegetative states do not

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