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The tragic ending in, “The Crucible,” by, Arthur Miller, is inevitable due to cause and affect scenarios throughout the drama: Tituba blaming the devil, Marry Warren giving Elizabeth Proctor a poppet, and John Proctor having an affair with Abigail Williams. In the beginning of the play Tituba had gone with Abigail and the girls in the forest which lead to them getting caught by Reverend Hale. Being questioned this had lead Tituba to blame the devil for her actions and because of that she made her self vulnerable to Abby who then began to make false accusations of innocent white ladies, leading to the witch hunt.

Before the witch trials John Proctor had an affair with Abby and because of that she was able to manipulate him in the court and make false statements about his wife because she desired John and he wanted nothing but Elizabeth. Abby was jealous of Elizabeth and would do anything to make her go away. In court Mary Warren had sewn Elizabeth Proctor a poppet for her expected child and Abby had told Marry to put a needle in the poppet. One night while Abigail was eating dinner she “magically” got stabbed with a needle in her stomach saying it was Elizabeth Proctor’s spirit who did it. Because Abby said it was Elizabeth’s spirit the two town marshals, Cheever and Herrick, had come to the proctor residence to come arrest Elizabeth with charges of witchcraft for using voodoo dolls with conspiracy with the devil.

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